5 most anticipated bestsellers of 2017, translated into Ukrainian

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New Year’s holidays are already on the nose, so you can gradually whip up the results of 2017.So, this year actual bestsellers appeared in large numbers on the bookshelves, now in their native language. The interest of most translators fell on modern works, starting with the post-war ones, ending up-to-date – with what happened just about, in 2016 or even in 2017.

Top 5 bestsellers are now in Ukrainian!

In this article, we will pay special attention to the best-selling books, according to versions of authoritative world publications. Now they can be read in their native language, moreover, in beautiful, aesthetically pleasing covers.

Black Swan, Nassim Taleb

Publishing “Our Format” quite recently presented one of the most influential books since the Second World War, according to The Sunday Times. “Black Swan” was released in 2007, and by 2011 around 3 million books were sold worldwide.
The work is difficult to call artistic prose, because it is a kind of philosophical theory, painted very accessible and popular. Ideas are illustrated by artistically painted examples, very vivid and memorable.
The black swan is an unusual metaphor, which designates events with unforeseen consequences, which then seem completely natural. Why is that? In Australia, for a long time, people believed that swans are only white, until black has been discovered.
The book contains many autobiographical moments (for example, the war in Lebanon, which the author survived). An unusual view of modern history, its unusual events and consequences will be of interest to everyone, especially those who seek to comprehend our time.

Needle Eye, Ken Follett

Lovers of detectives, this thing will certainly interest. The book takes the reader to England in 1944. British intelligence is a real hunt for the German spy Needle. His task is to find out whether England is really ready to deliver a crushing blow to Nazi Germany.
The novel is perceived easily and captures, at the same time, it is impossible to call it massive and schematic. The plot is atypical and fascinating, and the translator perfectly managed to make it vivid and impressive.
The novel received the Edgar Poe Prize “For the Best Romance,” gained worldwide popularity and was released at 12 million. copies.
The book was published by the Family Leisure Club. Translated into 30 languages ​​of the world.

Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

Exquisite and mysterious, the novel took something from the style of JK Rowling, as well as from the classic English Gothic. However, judging by the basic style of writing, we can talk about surrealism.
The mysterious circus arrives in the city without warning, and it opens its door for visitors only at night. Celia and Marco are two wizards who have been accustomed to feuding since childhood. Their mentors convinced them that they should go to a duel. And the children did not understand that this is just a game. Suddenly they fell in love. But the game must continue.
Peculiar fantasy was recognized as a bestseller by The New Your Times. In the translation of the novel was published by the publishing house Vivat.

“Before I Fall,” Lauren Oliver

The debut novel of the writer, which appeared in 2010, instantly attracted the attention of many readers and immediately hit the bestseller list.
The novel will be especially interesting for teenagers, since the center of attention is the life of schoolchildren of 16-17 years old. The main character – Sam – one of the “coolest” girls in the class, lives in a wealthy family, meets with the “cool” guy in school. But suddenly, before Valentine’s Day, she and her friends get into an accident and die. The next morning she wakes up and it seems to her that it was a terrible dream, but in fact she returned that day — the last one before her death. She lives it again and again, until the riddle is solved and the time loop is broken.
Despite the fact that the motif of this “loop” is not new, the book attracts attention to itself, it is not without meaningful fullness. By the way, in 2015 it was screened, the film was released in Ukrainian as “The Matrix of Time”.

American Gods, Neil Gaiman

The novel became the winner of the Victor Hugo awards, Brem Stoker and them. Nebula, for the best novel. Published in 2001, it became a bestseller after 1-2 years.
Despite the threatening name, the genre is science fiction and fantasy. The protagonist is a prisoner of Shadow Moon, who is released from prison ahead of schedule, due to the sudden death of his wife. He meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who invites him to be his attendant and bodyguard at business meetings. Later it turns out that the ancient gods were embodied in modern humans. The environment is One, the Shadow itself turns out to be the embodiment of Baldur, the other characters are also, in fact, deities. They appeared in preparation for the battle with the new American gods, the disastrous manifestations of modernity.
The book is published in KM Books and quickly gained popularity among Ukrainian readers.