7 modern Ukrainian books, which recently filmed

7 modern Ukrainian books, which recently filmed

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Modern Ukrainian art prose is one of the most powerful sources from which one can draw a lot of ideas and motives for creating new, high-quality film production.

For the past few years, we can clearly observe a kind of revival in the modern domestic film industry. The directors are actively taking on the adaptation of modern Ukrainian literature, which means that our cinema has reached a new level. Despite some financial difficulties associated with the shooting, we can boast of modern high-quality film production.

7 Ukrainian films for the modern book lover

We have prepared a short list of films based on current works of the past two decades.

“Love is enough for everyone” (2016)

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The plot is based on the story entitled “Romeo” from the book by Sergey Zhadan “Mesopotamia” (2014). The work of director Mikhail Lukyanenka came out on the big screen last year, and almost immediately received a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

Despite the great popularity of Zhadan in Ukraine and abroad, not all his readers know about the film versions of his works. Remarkably, the author himself starred in motion pictures, in the role of a police major. His presence in the film takes only 6 seconds.

Unfortunately, there is little information about motion pictures. This is due to the fact that the work Lukyanenko shown in private shows. Unique pictures of Kharkov, so close to the writer, the relevance of thought and the poetry of the film will not leave the viewer indifferent.

“Mentioned” (2012)

A short film lasting 24 minutes will delight lovers of psychologism and current philosophical approaches. The main character decides to sell the parental home on an old farm where her childhood passed. But, having come to a place so dear to her heart, she thinks about and finds answers to many questions that are troubling her.
The author of the script and director is the famous Ukrainian poetess and screenwriter Irina Tsilyk. The film participated in 18 national and international competitions and film festivals and received several awards.

“Ivan Sila” (2013)

The full-length adventure film based on the children’s work of the famous writer and journalist Alexander Gavrosh “The Incredible Adventures of Ivan the Force, the most powerful man of the world” (2007, reprint – 2014).

Ivan Firtsak – the famous Ukrainian strongman, recognized in 1928 as the most powerful man on the planet, and at the same time he began to perform under the pseudonym Ivan Sila. Cinema is designed for a wide audience, but the main percentage of the audience is children.

The directors are Victor Andrienko and Igor Pismenny. High-quality shooting, carefully designed script, well-chosen actors and design continue to cause the admiration of the audience to this day.

Ґ Ґzik ”(2008)

It is “uzik”, because the translation of “Button” will not reflect the text as fully as the original title.
The film is based on the novel of the same name by Irene Rozdobudko, for which she won the 2005 Grand Prix at the Coronation of the Word international literary contest. She also wrote the screenplay.

The drama with unusual plot twists has managed to attract both readers and viewers.

Events begin in the late 70s, a film student, Denis, goes on holiday to the Carpathians, there he meets the director Elizaveta Tenetskaya, a novel arises between them. But the woman insisted on ending the relationship. Later it turned out that she was teaching in his group, but the unfortunate student in love did not succeed in resuming relations. He goes to war in Afghanistan, and after returning, falls in love with the girl Leake, who turned out to be the daughter of Elizabeth.

The film is directed by Vladimir Tikhiy. In 2015, the sequel to the book was published – “Tunzik-2. Ten Rocks because ”, but the release of the continuation of the film is not yet known.

“Hetman” (2015)

The historical drama, filmed by renowned director Valery Yakubsky, based on the modern book of the same name by Viktor Veretennikov.

The filmmakers offer an unusual look at the history of the National Liberation War under the line of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. The film’s events begin a year before the war, in 1647, when Dmitry Chaplinsky, taking advantage of the absence of Hetman Khmelnytsky on his farm in Subotov, destroys his house, steals his wife, the Polish Gelena Chaplinsky, and beats his son Timosha.

Luxury film studios, more than 350 beautiful historical costumes, the careful work of professional stuntmen can not leave indifferent fans of historical films.

Virgin of the Night (2007)

The basis of the criminal drama of film director Oleg Fialko is the work of the same name by Yuri Vinnichuk.
The main character – a young journalist Yura – returns to Ukraine and learns that his long-time beloved Dzvinka, with whom he met before leaving, has become an elite “night of ninees.” He seeks to expose a cruel business in which criminal authorities and politicians are involved in order to pull out his beloved one.

The film is two-part, but on television it is often “split” into several more series.

“Jacob’s Century” (2016)

Created on the basis of the well-known novel of the same name by Vladimir Lys (2010), the four-part film almost immediately attracted the wide attention of viewers.

Director – Bata Nedych, the script was developed by Andrei Kokotyuha. Many critics praise the film for its uncompromising. The historical drama, offering a life outlook on famous events, has been to the taste of many connoisseurs of modern Ukrainian cinema.

Ps. Note that most of the films shown are completely free and can be officially viewed on Youtube.