7 time management tips

7 time management tips

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How often do you face an acute shortage of time? Have you ever had cases when you planned a lot of cases and didn’t do anything? Familiar? If yes, then there is nothing to be upset, because you are a typical representative of modern society, which always lacks time. And now, the good news – to comprehend the secrets of time management is not so difficult, its foundations are much simpler than the name itself.

But before starting any business (in this case, planning time), you need to understand why you need it. After all, not knowing where you want to go, no matter where to go. Having learned how to properly manage your time, you will not only feel satisfied with the work done (which is important, because you will want even more success on the basis of a small achievement), but also improve your life qualitatively, solve long-abandoned problems, move to a “new” level of your capabilities and also leave time for rest.

Therefore, here are 7 simple time management tips.

The only form of proper organization of the working day does not exist, because we are all individuals. As a coach in a sports club, everyone develops an individual program depending on the purpose and possibilities, and you form a schedule adjusting to yourself. We will establish the basic rules of time management, which need to be implemented in everyday life and somewhat modified according to need.

  1. Be sure to create a to-do list the next day in the evening. And you need to record goals by priority. You need to start a new day from the most important business, when you are still full of strength and enthusiasm. When you have completed one item – be sure to delete it or put a tick in order to be able to visually record the progress. Difficult affairs break into subparagraphs and also tick each of them.
  2. Do not plan a day too much. It is imperative that you do things at a normal working pace. If you didn’t manage to do something because of too tight graphics and, hand on heart, you can say that you tried to do everything, do not torture yourself and make the list shorter. The main thing is not to discourage and desire, and you will have it, if everything goes according to plan.
  3. One day a week, allow yourself to do nothing. On this day, may you not be tormented by remorse that you have lain all day on the couch. If you have worked diligently all the previous days – just turn on your favorite movie or practice a hobby. You deserve this weekend.
  4. Always leave room for surprises. Your day should be planned so that there is always a spare time – a trip with friends in a cafe on a special occasion or additional commotion at work. Be prepared for everything, enter your rhythm, determine the number of goals per day and leave free space, because part of the day is filled independently of you.
  5. Be sure and once again take everything away from you that distracts you: laptop, gadgets, phones, TV and so on. Otherwise, you risk losing over a simple mail verification, which, in your opinion, takes just a minute or two, a full hour and this is at best (tested by many avid internet users).
  6. Do not proceed to the next item without completing the previous one, otherwise a negative nervous tension will arise from subconsciously thinking over the old question during the execution of the new one.
  7. Keep your workplace clean. The disorder only disorganizes the work, and you spend time in vain looking for a pen among a pile of papers and cups of drunk tea.

Tip: Time management is a habit, a way of life. To take any action into the habit takes about 40 days.

Do not try to do everything perfectly at once. Decide for yourself that this week I will plan my to-do list every evening for tomorrow. In case of successful mastering, after a week, ask yourself not only to plan the tasks, but also to remove the excess from yourself, and also to keep the workplace clean, etc. Everything must be done gradually, but regularly. Do not allow yourself during the first months, and continue to shirk from time management. The old adage is appropriate here, no matter how trite it may sound: patience and work, everything will be ground up.

Finally, use gadgets: a smartphone, smart watches , ToDo applications and similar.