Apple Pay + Privat Bank. Customization, questions and answers.

Apple Pay + Privat Bank. Customization, questions and answers.

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For all clients of Ukrainian Privatbank, the news was amazingly good. As promised, Apple Pay has come to Ukraine, so far only for Privat. More recently, using Apple Pay in Ukraine was possible only with cards of foreign banks (we wrote about this earlier ).

Let’s get down to setting up as soon as possible!

How to set up ApplePay in Privat24.

First, make sure you have the app from Privatbank and the Wallet app for iOS.

You can add a card directly to Privat24, in the list of your cards, the icon now appears next to each  . Its active state displays maps that have already been added to Apple Pay, the inactive state (the icon is faded) —that you can add a map.

as configure apple pay in Privat24

You can add a card one by one to Apple Pay on your iPhone, and then Apple Watch .

Set up Apple Pay through Wallet.

The second way is classic, through the Wallet application, bypassing Privat24. Find the Wallet application in the iPhone, launch and click the “+” to add a map. Agree to user terms.

Wallet app for Apple Pay
You can enter information about the card manually, or use the viewfinder: the iPhone camera counts the card number and its expiration date.

Next, select the method to confirm the data. This can be done through the application or SMS. If you select messages, the device will copy the code from the incoming message and enter it yourself, which is very convenient.

You can add multiple cards. After confirming the data, they will be displayed on the start page of the application.

To set up the payment service on the Apple Watch, confirm within the application the use of the cards on the clock. In this case, the clock will need to set the passcode. In more detail, everything has already been described in our article on setting up Apple Pay on Apple Watch .

How to pay using Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch?

Payments are made by double pressing the Home button or the power button (depending on the model), and for the Apple Watch, the side button. You do not need to unlock the device.

Next, in the menu that appears, select a card and bring the screen to the contactless payment terminal.

Which cards now work with the Apple Pay payment system in Ukraine?

Currently (as of 05.18.18), this can only be Mastercard or Visa of PrivatBank.
PrivatBank today is the only bank whose clients can take advantage of this opportunity. It was his leadership that initiated negotiations with Apple, which allowed to introduce this payment system in Ukraine.

PrivatBank predicts a sharp jump in the number of mobile payments already during the first weeks of using Apple Pay. Details on the Privatbank website.

Devices running Apple Pay?

Apple Pay devices support iPhone, ranging from iPhone SE and older, iPad, Apple Watch. The devices must have the latest version of iOS installed. In more detail, all the models for which Apple Pay is designed are listed in the official list of devices.

Where can I pay using Apple Pay?

Pay with Apple Pay is possible through any trading terminals that support contactless payments. And there are about 70% of them in Ukraine at the moment. PrivatBank specialists are confident that with the appearance of Apple Pay, their number will rapidly grow in the near future.

You can pay with Apple Pay:

  • in chain stores and supermarkets;
  • at gas stations;
  • through urban transport terminals and in the subway;
  • in any organization where a contactless payment terminal is installed;
  • wherever you see the contactless payment icon.

In addition, Apple Pay gives you the opportunity to make purchases in online stores on websites and through one-touch applications to Touch ID or to confirm the operation on the iPhone X using Face ID. This allows you to forget about re-entering data and eliminates filling out the form manually.

Secure Payments with Apple Pay

The purse of this payment service operates on the MDES and VTS platforms, as well as the wallets of other tokenized systems based on digital data coding.

You can absolutely not worry, entering the data of your cards. Neither the number nor any information about the owner is stored on the company’s servers. The device is only assigned a code representing a set of generated characters and not related to the card data. Transactions are made using a one-time code.

When will other banks start using Apple Pay?

Basically, it depends on the technical capacity of the bank and the availability of an application that brings cards to the Apple Pay database, as well as on how much management seeks rapid integration.

If the capacity of the bank allows, namely, it already has integration with the MDES and VTS platforms and has the resources to refine the application, implementation of the implementation of this payment system will not take much time. A somewhat simpler process will look for those banks that use Google Pay.