The long-awaited Apple Pay will soon appear in Ukraine

The long-awaited Apple Pay will soon appear in Ukraine

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UPD от 18.05.18 - Apple Pay is already in Ukraine

How to set up Apple Pay for Privatbank in Ukraine, see our article at the link:

At the Apple press conference held on May 2-3, besides the results for the second quarter of 2018, several more issues were discussed. Including Tim Cook announced the imminent launch of Apple Pay technology for Norway, Poland and Ukraine.

And although the exact date has not yet been announced, the launch should be expected in the autumn of 2018.

Apple Pay allows owners of iPhones and Apple Watch watches to pay for goods and services through terminals with contactless payment, without having a plastic card with them. It is enough to bind it in advance to the application in the phone. This service is very popular in Europe and the USA.

Currently, Apple Pay is fully operational in Russia, and the owners of Russian plastic cards (for example, Yandex Money) can use Apple Pay in Ukraine. We told about how to do this in our article: How to set up and pay Apple Pay for Ukraine.