Apple Watch after 3 months of use, impressions and answers to questions

Apple Watch after 3 months of use, impressions and answers to questions

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I have been wearing Apple Watch (Series 1) for three months every day and am ready to share my impressions. Is it worth buying Apple Watch (or any other smart watch) in my opinion, I will also write at the end of the article.

Apple Watch main features and capabilities, pros and cons.

The main function of Apple Watch is to help you while your phone is not in your hands.

Duplicate notifications with iPhone на Apple Watch.

Yes, it really helps out, is convenient and thought out to the smallest detail. All notifications from skype, viber, whatsapp, telegram

and other instant messengers and email clients installed on your

The iPhone will be regularly duplicated on the watch, provided that the phone is locked (after all, a smart watch is an assistant that allows you not to get the phone out of your pocket). Having received the message you have the ability to quickly respond to it with one button, or dictate a full response “in hours”.

Apple Watch Pros

  • Whatever haters say, Apple makes a very high-quality product and Apple Watch is no exception. Hours and look great and sit on the hand perfectly and perform their functions, if not 5 plus, then already 5 plus minus – that’s for sure, especially considering the constantly updated software.
  • High-quality bright screen, convenient touch-screen
  • Reasonableness of the mode of receiving notifications
  • The ability to receive a call directly from the clock and transfer the call to the phone
  • Unlock your Mac computer automatically if you pick it up in hours
  • The ability to make a note or set a Siri task without reaching the phone
  • The ability to quickly respond to a message or SMS to a call
  • Dials can be selected and configured partially for their functions
  • Apple Pay – yes, this is very convenient and cool (if you have the correct plastic card), here about this more.
  • Sports features

Apple Watch Cons

  • It happens (very rarely, but it happens) messages pass by
  • Unfortunately, the e-mail cannot be read completely, you receive an announcement letter – the rest is in the phone
  • Apple Watch inhibits Some applications load for a long time (there are not many of them, but unfortunately it discourages to include them on the phone. For example, the WOG refueling application – as long as it turns on, you have time to not only reach the ticket office and take the phone, but make yourself some coffee …). But really, basically, all programs are turned on quickly.
  • I really would like to take into account the phases of sleep and use a smart alarm clock – but the trouble is, then you have to charge the battery the next day.
  • It is a pity that you can not install third-party dials
  • Cost. When I chose a watch for the iPhone – I also looked in the direction of the Samsung and LG Android watches, but I came to the conclusion that a small gain in price was probably not worth the limited functionality. After all, Apple Watch is released Apple strictly for their phones.

Apple Watch Questions and Answers.

Can I call and talk on Apple Watch?

Yes you can. Another thing is that doing it is not always convenient. This can perfectly help out behind the wheel, or on the way somewhere – if you need to very briefly answer the person. It also helps a lot if, for example, you left the phone on the table, but you yourself went to another room and someone called you – you can take the call on the clock, and then go talking to the phone and continue the conversation through the iPhone without interrupting the conversation.

What programs are convenient to use on Apple Watch?

At first, you will rush to put all kinds of programs of different directions on your watch, but believe me, after a week you will stop using them and most likely you will only use what the watch has originally 🙂

Of all the software on Apple Watch, I regularly use only:

  • Weather (native application, in the morning it is useful to know what is outside)
  • Music (native application – I actively use in the car. It is convenient to play music on the clock that plays Bluetooth in cars and switch tracks)
  • Phone (in car, it’s convenient to take a call if the phone is not nearby)
  • Activity (in training – count steps, calories, and so on)
  • Breathing (I didn’t disconnect myself, it really allows me to be distracted from everything)
  • Siri (very sometimes in the car, the voice assistant can help out)

How much does an Apple Watch battery hold?

Apple Watch The first series should be charged every night. For a full working day, they are always enough with a huge margin, about 30% -40% of the charge remains before going to bed. If you want the clock to live longer, you can reduce the brightness, for example.

The Apple Watch is very fast discharged after the update

Carefully go through the notification settings and turn off all unnecessary. If it does not help, then you will only have to untie the clock, reset all the settings on them and reattach it with the installation of everything.

How does Apple Watch count steps?

Yes, in principle, normally considers. There is of course an error, but in general – I even tried to consider them in parallel – in general, everything converges. Of course, your waving with your hands and TP will also be counted, but on the whole it is possible to tolerate and navigate around this pedometer completely. The only thing that is especially fun is when Apple Watch offers you to warm up, when you sit at the computer – you can ignore this message and sit on, but if at this time you are actively typing for example, but Apple Watch will take it as a practice and support you words “Well done, keep pace!” …

Apple watch can I wet?

Apple Watch Series 1 has protection against splashes – this means that you can wash the dishes or brush your teeth without removing the clock, but you can not take a shower in them.

Apple Watch Series 2 has full protection from water and you can swim, bathe, take a shower and so on.

Apple Watch 38 or 42 which one to choose for a girl?

To the average girl, I would definitely recommend 38 mm – then Apple Watch looks very neat and feminine, like a small electronic, but very stylish watch. 42 mm should be taken by girls only if they like big watches. In any case, go to the nearest store and measure them on your hand, at the same time, select the appropriate color for your watch and strap.

Apple Watch 38 or 42 which one to choose for a man?

Apple Watch на руке

For men, 38 mm Apple Watch will definitely be small, and do not even think to consider them for yourself, otherwise you risk getting children’s watches on your hand. Take the 42 mm version and do not worry (no matter what your height and physique – do not take 38 mm). Again, no one bothers you to go and measure the watches in the store live (and make sure I’m right).

Can I change the straps on apple watch?

Yes you can, but I honestly go with a stock strap out of the box and am very pleased. The hand under it does not sweat, the clock does not rub, the strap does not unfasten and sits very securely. By chance, they never unbuttoned, in short, very convenient. If you want something new, then AliExpress is waiting for you – Apple Watch straps are for every taste and pocket.

Should I buy Apple Watch?

The main question that is set in front of a good half of Apple Watch buyers. Like many – I really doubted before buying, reviewed dozens of reviews, read dozens of articles. Everyone’s opinions were different, but everyone’s brief conclusion was: Apple Watch is definitely a cool thing, but probably not for that kind of money. That is, of course, smart watches perform all the declared functions, everything is beautiful and convenient – but initially you expect something more from them that is .. and what exactly is unclear 🙂 Like many, I will repeat the phrase – this is not a phone replacement, It is rather an assistant and functional accessory. Some of the people who bought the Apple Watch stopped using them after a few months.

By the smart watch you get used to it very quickly and when you wake up in the morning, the first thing the hand stretches to is the watch. During the day, they will allow you not to miss important notifications, and in the car you can easily turn on the music or answer the call without touching the phone at all.

A brief conclusion on the purchase of Apple Watch.

If you lead an active life, constantly on the move, get dozens or hundreds of notifications and letters a day – take Apple Watch and your life will be able to become a little more productive. Well, if you read mail only once a day, you don’t know what a viber is or whatsapp and there are practically no important calls – you can view the Apple Watch only as a beautiful accessory …

Would I buy Apple Watch now?

The answer is more likely than not. Now I am so used to them that, without the Apple Watch, I would feel like a person who has forgotten his smartphone at home.