Rufat Mustafazade, author of the book Birzhevoy Roman

Rufat Mustafazade, author of the book Birzhevoy Roman

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Author Information

Rufat Mustafazade – writer, economist, trader. His trading experience is calculated not for years, but for decades. In 2014, the author decides to write a book that was supposed to incorporate all the scattered and useful information. In addition, the book contains his own conclusions based on personal trading experience.


Tell us more about yourself, where and when were you born? How do you relate to exchange trading? Are you a trader or investor?

-I was born in the city of Baku in 1977. Economist by education. Since 2002, I have been trading in the FOREX market. He won and won prizes in traders’ contests, which were organized by various companies. Unfortunately or fortunately, in the last two years of my life, the passion for creativity prevails over the desire to be in the market. Written “Stock Market”, mulling over other books in the synthetic genre. As for the trades, I am now engaged only in long-term transactions – for at least one year.

Why did you write a non-fiction, non-fiction book in synthetic genre? 

– It seems to me that largely due to the storyline, the knowledge embodied in the “Stock Romance” is very easy to learn. The indisputable advantage of a book written in a synthetic genre over “purely fiction” is that, at a decent level of work, the reader is able to combine “the pleasant with the useful”, that is, to get the knowledge he needs in the process of reading the book. >

Was it hard for you to write a book in this genre?

Yes, I clearly felt the “double burden.” I originally planned to write a book in a synthetic genre – a cross between fiction and non-fiction literature. He wrote 8 months, then 2 months edited and corrected. I wanted to combine in this book everything related to stock trading, to create a “mini-encyclopedia of stock market life” through the plot. Therefore, the most difficult thing when writing a book was to strike a balance between its artistic and scientific part. After all, when writing a popular science book, the author is free from “imagination games,” while writing a work of art, the author doesn’t have to thoroughly analyze the facts.

How much does the final version of The Stock Romance differ from your original intention?

-Before directly starting to write the book, I only worked for about a month on its plot. He thought through the “key points” of the novel, read a lot of literature on stock trading, the stock market. Therefore, we can say that the “Stock Romance” turned out exactly the way I intended it. Of course, there were details that came to mind in the process of writing a novel, but they did not materially affect his main idea.

Do your characters have real prototypes?

-No, all characters are fictional.

Do you think that the straight path to the success of the protagonist’s father, Hugh Oliver, is unnatural?

Yes, of course. The reason is that Hugh Oliver is the image of a guru, a visionary, whose name is overgrown with legends, even in the stories of such a hardened skeptic like Uncle Bill. But one of the ideas of the book is to “dispel the myth.” Extremely gifted from the point of view of stock trading, Hugh Oliver, as it turned out, does not see everything, and he is not omnipotent.

Do you put your book on a par with modern biopics describing Wall Street?

No, firstly, because my book is written in a synthetic genre, and secondly, unlike biopics, in my book the main characters are not famous people, but fictional characters. < strong>

Do you think that you are obliged to make a movie on your book?

-Yes, it seems to me that, based on the “Stock Romance”, you can really shoot a very bright film. In the book from the very beginning there is intrigue, there are elements of a detective story, friendship and a love story. But the logical ending of a potential picture, in my opinion, should be at the beginning of the fifth part of the book.


The stock novel, as well as its author, is not yet known to the general public. But every day the work is gaining increasing popularity. The author’s idea was 100% successful – the book has absorbed everything needed to start on forex and at the same time has not lost its charm, similar to the novels of Jack London.

Currently, Rufat is negotiating with major publishers, and is already planning to write a logical sequel, which will be even deeper and more interesting.

Excerpts from individual chapters are posted in the journal. “We and World Economics” (download PDF)