The five most expensive cat breeds

The five most expensive cat breeds

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At the end of winter, the most fluffy holiday is celebrated around the world – Cat Day. In Europe, it falls on February 17, in Japan it is celebrated on February 22, and in Russia – on March 1. Our world is already very difficult to imagine without these sweet and charming, graceful and funny, affectionate and with character, mysterious and ancient friends of man.

In the entire history of our friendship, man has derived a huge number of various breeds of felids, the names of many of them are not even familiar to most of us. But there are rocks that are known all over the world due to their incredibly high cost. What are the most expensive cats?

5th place: Safari



Exclusive hybrid breed of cats, created by crossing the domestic cat and the South American wild cat Geoffroy.
Initially, the breed appeared as a result of studying feline leukemia and scientists trying to find a cure for it, and is now included in the ranking of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.
The weight of an adult cat is about 11 kg. This incredibly beautiful cat is a combination of grace and color of the wild beast with the tenderness of a domestic cat. It is believed that Safari is the kindest and affectionate of the existing hybrid breeds. The cost of a Safari cat breed, depending on personal characteristics, varies from 4 to 8 thousand dollars.

4th place: Caracal or steppe lynx

Exotic cat, conquering anyone with their appearance almost at first sight.
Recalling lynx and cougar at the same time, Caracal is gaining more and more fans in all countries of the world.
Despite the fact that the caracal is a wild cat, it is perfectly tamed if it is with a person from an early age.
Caracal is very clever and smart, sociable and at the same time balanced. Excellent qualities for anyone who wants to keep at home their own wild lynx. But do not forget that these cats need daily physical exertion and proper education.
The opportunity to get a home trot will be worth anyone from 7 to 10 thousand dollars.

3rd place: Kao-mani



This ancient eastern breed of cats, dating back more than one century, has a Thai origin. Kao Mani lived in ancient Siam, and exclusively in royal families, they symbolized wealth and good fortune.
To this day, representatives of this breed are among the most expensive cats in the world.
Snow-white fur and unusually expressive eyes – that’s what distinguishes this breed. The colors of Kao-mani’s eyes can be blue, yellow, and often multi-colored.
They are sociable animals with excellent intellectual data and learning abilities. The price of a kitten breed Kao-mani can range from 8 to 10 thousand dollars.

2nd place: Chawzi



This is the rarest breed of cats, bred by crossing the Abyssinian domestic cat and the wild African swamp trot.
In the list of the most expensive cat breeds, Chawzi ranks second, and this is not surprising.
These are charming and sociable animals that remain curious and active throughout their lives. By virtue of their increased sociability, these cats prefer to solitude any company – people, their young children, other cats and even dogs.Chauzi – small and elegant short-haired cats with large ears and elongated paws. Adult weight ranges from 4 to 8 kg. The cost of kittens of the highest-class breed Chauzi is 8-10 thousand conventional units.

So, 1st place: Royal Ashera or Savannah



The most expensive of the currently existing breeds is bred by crossing a domestic cat with an African serval. Its breeding began in the mid-80s in the United States, but it was recognized worldwide as an independent breed, Savannah, only in 2001.
Savannah is also the largest breed of domestic cats: the height of an adult can reach 60 cm, and its weight is about 15 kg. In this case, the Savannah breed cats tend to have a slim build, long legs and body. The characteristic spotted color of the luxurious thick coat, as well as the large cupped ears inherited from the ancestors – all these are distinctive signs of Savannah’s appearance.


These cats have a high level of intelligence and are known for their calm nature. They perfectly adapt to new conditions, are active and inquisitive, get along well with other pets. At the same time they need a large and comfortable space for games, as well as long walks in the fresh air.
The cost of this breed starts from 4 thousand dollars, and the most expensive version of Savannah is Ashera, it costs 22 thousand dollars. Royal Ashera was originally introduced as a separate new breed. The DNA analysis showed that this is nothing more than a savannah cat that triggered the world’s biggest scandal. However, many Ashera owners still continue to argue with scientists and distinguish it as an independent breed. This only adds to the mystery and popularity of this truly unusual and extravagant breed.