GOGOLFEST 2017 for book readers: program, events

GOGOLFEST 2017 for book readers: program, events

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One of the biggest annual festivals of art in Ukraine on the nose! Already on Thursday, September 7, the anniversary, the tenth GOGOLFEST opens! And he will certainly please book readers all over the country!


Features of GOGOLFEST 2017: what will interest the reader

The opening of the festival will take place on Thursday, September 7, that is, very soon, and already on this day we will enjoy several interesting events at once.

Immediately, it is worth noting that this year the festival participants clearly prefer art visualization, so that every visitor plunges into the world of each work. There will be a lot of theatrical productions, film works, performances, so that the reader immediately feels “in the text”.


You can enjoy the play “ DPU ”, which deals with acute social and psychological problems. The performance is staged by the theater “Beautiful Flowers”, with ATO veterans taking part in it. The project was created with the help of volunteers helping former soldiers and their families to rehabilitate after the war. One of the main goals of the project is to present dialogue, communication, as the best way to resolve conflicts, as opposed to weapons.

Perhaps you will also be interested in a specific project “Tsesho”, organized by the Pralnya Theater. Its very unusual genre is a show that synthesizes in itself a puppet theater, cabaret and acute social problems that concern modern man.


If you don’t find a partner use a wooden chair. A unique project, on which several directors from Germany, Great Britain and Georgia are working (yes, they are still working!) Together with Ukrainian actors. It is difficult to say what to expect, but it will definitely be something unusual, chimeric, impressive. The group has been given only 14 days to stage, and that is why its result is unpredictable. In addition to September 8, the event will take place on September 9 and 10.

You will be interested in the project “ Vizhivut kinokohantsі ”, especially if you are interested in the personality of Gogol. You will have the opportunity to watch the film “Too Late” (2015), and after watching, listen to a lecture by contemporary writer and screenwriter Andrei Dmitriev and view fragments of foreign films based on the works of Nikolai Vasilievich.


The kinolectory “ Vizhivut kinokohantsі ” continues, it will certainly interest moviegoers, as well as many readers, in many moments it will also be about literature, in particular – about the screenplays.

And especially for young readers, on this day, the presentation of the book of Polish children’s plays from the Neopalim Kupin publishing house will take place.


Little known for the Ukrainian and world readers, the Greek Lesaserma Pokhnakhis (1926-2001) is a very unusual person. Living in the USSR, she was able to create an underground. She is dedicated to musical project , which GOGOLFEST will present to you on this day.

For young viewers, it will certainly be interesting to visit the family fabulous performance “ In the heart of the forest ”, created by the Pralnya Theater together with The Fetch Theater (Britain).

And the film gallery “ Vizhivut kinokokhantsі ” (hereinafter – “VC”) continues, this time special attention is paid to short films, the film “Roadside” (2017) by Andrey Nepitalyuk will also be presented, and the audience will be able to talk with the director.

Gogol lovers will be interested in a curious designer performance “Evenings on the Farm” . Immerse yourself in the unusual fantastic world of the writer!

Sensuality and poetry: the “ Psalms and Dances ” program is an unusual look at Ukrainian poetry from different eras. Poems of famous authors will be revealed in several facets, with the help of a song or a production.

You will be interested in the upcoming grand show “ Utopia ” from the well-known team of Dakh Daughters.


VK “: the screening of the film “David Lynch. Life in art “(2017), as well as lectures on the topic of the city in the national cinema.

Also on this day will be the staging of the play of Geiner Muller, “ Filoktet ”, from the Berlin theater under the direction of Marcel Kjoler. The performance will be presented in German, there will be Ukrainian subtitles.


«ВК»: will be presented films “Suspended” (1929), directed by Mikhail Kaufman, as well as the film “The Apprentice” (2016) by Kirill Serebryannikov. Surely the reader will be interested in the appeal to the “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” by Parajanov.


«ВК»: viewing and discussion of the films “Manifesto” (2017), as well as “Shamar” (1994).

Many-sided and very unusual theater project«End of imitation», which will not leave the modern intellectual indifferent. A lot of social issues, problems filed in the form of reflections.


«ВК». And on this day we do not recommend skipping the movie lectures, because Yaroslav Lodygin and Vladimir Yatsenko will talk about Sergey Zhadan’s novel Voroshilovograd and its visualization in the cinema. There will also be shown the work of Sergei Volkov “In isolation” (2017), after which you can talk with the authors of the film.

«Game Over» – an unusual choreographic performance created by the Lithuanian theater Urban Dance based on the eponymous collection of short stories by Julio Kortasar.


«ВК»: screening of film works by director Erez Peri, “Interrogation” (2016), after which it will be possible to talk with him.

On this day, the trilogy, theatrical series “Infinity </ strong> KLIMA” </ strong>, was created based on the plays of Klima by the Russian MDT theater. The first day – “… at the water source in the desert …”, the second – “My killer Rogozhin”, “Aglaya”, “Evil performance” (shown on September 16), the third – “Interpreter”, “Ferdy”, “I … she … not me and me ”(17th).


«Terabak de Kyiv» – unusual, enchanting production, circus cabaret, created by the famous Ukrainian team Dakh Daughters together with the French group Le Monfort.


«ВК»: showing unusual, little-known short and full-length works, as well as an interesting lecture by Alexander Ivashin on physicality in culture.

And this is not all interesting events of the festival! Almost every day, especially on weekends, an exciting, interesting program is provided for visitors. This is a culture, this is a development, and it is really impressive!