High paying or favorite job?

High paying or favorite job?

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It’s great when your favorite work coincides with your hobby. And what to do if you turn around every time, seeing a plane in the sky and remember with regret how you wanted to be a pilot, but your parents persuaded to enroll in law school?

Or, how often do you women look at the model’s dress and think that you would make it more stylish if you were a fashion designer? But such thoughts need to be postponed, because tomorrow you will have an important meeting on the main trends in the development of the marketing market.

Familiar? If not, then you are a lucky man who lives in harmony with his profession.

Difficulty of Choice.

At least once in your life you find yourself on the road: you go to the left – you will find your favorite job, to the right – well-paid. Where to go? And if you are already moving along one of the paths, is it possible to return and is it not too late? And most importantly – is it necessary?

Benefits of your favorite job

  • Believe it or not, but psychologists say that the level of job satisfaction directly affects relationships in your personal life. But how can a person who spends a day at an occupation that he does not like, be happy? Of course not, because work takes the main percentage of your employment during the day, and if this percentage is filled with negative feelings, then where does the person want, and most importantly inspiration, to spend the rest of the evening with your favorite restaurant / cinema or with children playing games. You will answer: I am tired, I want to rest.
  • You do not need to force yourself to do work, because the activity brings you pleasure. It is easy for you to succeed, because the brain, by default, is working on thinking about new ideas, there is no need to “torment” it with the words: “Well, come on, there are still 10 presentation slides left. (And then you think: “10? How much!”) Come on, you need to have time until the evening! ”.
  • You are happy to tell your friends about your work, you have a large circle of friends in the same field. It’s easy for you to go into all the details of the work, you can read additional literature, browse websites and subconsciously relate it not to “working moments”, but to your self-development.
  • You are less irritable, you are not very tired, and if fatigue appears, it is rather physical. Literally 8 hours of sleep and you once again hearty.
  • Do you think that work is an integral part of your life and happy! what happened to you. And in old age you plan to “torture” your grandchildren with long stories about your professional achievements. Especially if the work is connected with diversity (for example, a tour guide, a theater actor, a long distance driver, a sports coach, a fashion designer, an architect, an interior designer, and even a flight attendant).

Benefits of a high paying job

  • You are financially secure, and if the work schedule and cash situation allows you to allocate time for your favorite activities, then it is even better.
  • The ability to acquire real estate, transportation, other perspectives (depending on the material possibilities, of course).
  • You are not worried about tomorrow.
  • People around you consider you a successful person (but most importantly, what you think about yourself).
  • You are a foothold for your family, at least financially.

So what to choose?

We deliberately did not write about all the shortcomings, and so it is clear that favorite work can be less highly rated, and highly paid is not always fun.

The ideal way out for you is to look for the golden mean, that is, a position that would be, if not a dream job, then at least highly acceptable. Simply put, if you hate what you do at all, you must quit your job. Otherwise, in old age, you will be very sorry that you did not decide to release yourself from such a burden.

But if you are very satisfied with the profession, but, as in every case, there are negative nuances, then you need to think carefully before throwing it for the sake of a fixed idea.

For example, imagine that you are 40-50 years old and you regret not having become a doctor or a pilot. It is clear that it is already too late to retrain, because to finish a medical institute you need 6 years, and then another same amount of practice to be a professional. About the pilot the same story. It’s too late to change your profession so drastically.

So, is it time to forget about your “vocation”?

Not at all. You just need to look at things realistically. If you really want to do your favorite thing, which is too late to learn, you can make it your hobby.

On the example of the same pilot and doctor: sign up to the aviaklub, engage in aeromodelling, become a volunteer. No need to look for excuses, something like, no money and no time. These resources will always be there, having a great desire and a little assertiveness.

Is it possible to go into a completely different field of activity?

If you can practice the dream at any age, we advise you to try yourself in this industry first. It is possible that you are guided by a childhood dream, and you keep in your head the ideas about work that were composed as a child. The reality may be completely different.

Therefore, in order not to go for broke, try to try yourself in another sphere during your holidays on the main job, you may like it so much that you will leave the old position on the same day, and maybe, on the contrary, you will be disappointed.

If your dream profession is not so socially important (sorry for such a decrease) and you are not going to be a fireman, lifeguard, doctor, teacher, pilot, military, then you can go to university and relearn by correspondence, not looking up from work. Long – you say? Yes, but in 5 years (and they will surely come, how distant they would not seem), you will be grateful to yourself.


Do not be afraid to make mistakes. To err is human. Allow yourself to choose what is close to you. Life is too short to waste time. Those people who fell into difficult circumstances and survived, begin to understand life in a completely different way.

If we had the opportunity to live our age three times, then we could be the first to pursue wealth, the second – for harmony, and the third – to live behind the scenario that I liked more. But fortunately, or unfortunately, we have only one attempt. As one classic said: Do not be afraid to make a mistake, be afraid not to try!