How to become a copywriter without the exchange

How to become a copywriter without the exchange

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Greetings to the readers! Today I will try to make out a very sensitive question. How to become a copywriter? Go to the exchange. No, no, today I’ll make out why you shouldn’t study at the stock exchange, where to go, what and how to study? And at the end I will answer the question – where is it better and more important to work more expensive? On the stock exchange – or the most …

Part 1. About exchanges in general

– When I was a beginner – I asked a venerable copywriter whether it was worth working for the stock exchange. He replied – never go to the exchange.

At first, I found many ways to earn money outside the stock exchange, then I found the same number at the stock exchange itself. In the end, I found options when working on the exchange is more profitable than independent and vice versa …

And then a novice copywriter approached me and asked if it was worth working on the stock exchange? And I answered – no, never work there.

Old proverb copywriters

What is a stock exchange? This is a market where owners row money with a shovel. They take them from the notion of commission. The larger the exchange, the more money it rows. Who brings money to the owners of the portal? If you think that these are copywriters – you are deeply mistaken. Customers bring money. Therefore, no matter how “fair” the platform would seem, as soon as a very rich customer appears on it, the owners, moderators and proofreaders will indulge all his requirements, no matter how moronic they may seem …

And if to abstract from my subjective assessment – then the exchange is a platform where the customer can always find content, and the performer of the customer. Commission for mediation is a guarantee of payment of funds to the contractor by the customer, as well as the quality of the text from the contractor.

I will consider in more detail

Advantages of the Copywriting Exchange

I worked on several exchanges before starting my own way. These were textsale, textru and copylancer. I tried myself both on advego and etxt, but for reasons I’ll review a little later, I’ll describe why I didn’t stay. So, the main advantages of exchanges:

  • The most important thing is not to throw money. Never. They can come up with 100 ways to delay the payment, but if you set it off clearly, and you are sure of the text, then you will get your money. Always.
  • Continuous availability of orders. Take it and do it. This is especially good when money is needed here and now, not “in a month / year / someday.”
  • Convenient interface for editing;
  • The presence of a corrector (only for copylancer) that for the amount included in the commission checks the texts and corrects the simplest and most trivial errors in it – typos, punctuation, etc.
  • The ability to start with little or no preparation.

It was the last option that became for me the most attractive. When I sat down for copywriting, I did not know anything. I acquired basic skills in the Textsale sandbox, and then I started to develop further.

Disadvantages of the copywriting exchanges

But why everyone does not like the exchange?

  • Inequality between the customer and the performer. Arbitrage in high-budget projects is always solved in the direction of the customer. So that it is not written in the rules.

For example: I was once banned by the copylancer on the stock exchange, for the fact that I could not complete one of the subparagraphs of the task, which was initially impossible. This was discussed by the customer before I took the task, and he allowed to freely interpret the impossible point. When passing the text, he complained to the administration about non-compliance with the TK. Despite the fact that I had made a correspondence with him, I was still blocked for a period of 60 days.

  • Initially low pricing. It is based on two factors:
    • Comprehensive dumping among performers. This particularly affects such exchanges as advego and others, where a tender prevails over the basic order. In an attempt to snatch an order, beginners lower the price. Dumping itself provokes a simple drop in the value of orders of basic and medium complexity on portals.
    • Customer opinion that everyone can write the text. This is usually caused by the audience. Customers do not need the perfect selling landing, for which you need to pay a penny, so they go to the exchange for the text mass.

Note: I describe the situation from the point of view of 2013-2016. They say in the golden “2007th” everything was completely the opposite, but who knows?

    • Perhaps the main thing. Inability to grow. Within the bounds of the stock exchange, in 90% of cases, text masses of the sample of the year 2007–10 are required, with re-spamming of keys and the complete absence of style. Having worked even half a year on the inferior stock exchange, you completely distort your style and you can not develop further. After leaving the exchanges for almost a month, he himself tried not to write anything commercial, but simply re-read fiction in large volumes in order to correct the flow of texts. </ Li>
    • The salesman will never ask for the text salesman, landing, infostil …
    • High competition with newbies. Until you have built a reputation and a permanent customer base.

The theses that I cited are actually only 90% true. On a copilancer when taking extra. exam and exit from the sandbox, you find yourself in real combat conditions with high prices and serious orders, but for this you need to plow there a year, and even more. For advego and etht the largest number of disadvantages and the lowest prices.

Should I go to work for a copywriters ’exchange?

The average price of text on stock exchanges varies from 10 to 20 rubles. While off-exchange texts with similar quality cost from 35 rubles and more. There are no text limits. Most top writers write for $ 80-100 per hour, regardless of how many characters they have during this time.

Part 2. Independent copywriting.

Well, we left the exchange, and even better never went to her, what do you need to do in order to become a successful and highly paid copywriter?

Stages of the evolution of a copywriter

Stage One.

      • I used Panda’s diaries.
      • In addition, I asked to consult another masculine copywriter. At the initial stage, he was a guru of the exchange rating, and when I realized that he was not particularly better than me, he asked for a consultation with Gera Guryanova (a copywriter with a narrow specialization of competent emails, not SPAM)
      • Read specialized literature. At the first stage, we do not need sales people, we need books on the principles of SEO, SEO copywriting, and filing in info style. Having mastered this, salespeople get comfortable in a few hours. Among all that is, I can only advise William Zinser and his “How to write well. Classic guide to creating non-fiction texts “
      • In the end, you can try some of the training courses.

The task of the copywriter of the departed from the exchange will learn to do 3 things:

  • Hit customer;
  • Write fast without losing quality;
  • Serve texts in an interesting wrapper. At least humanly format them.

Stage Two

Then find the places where customers graze.

      • At the first stage, we leave the exchange of copywriters for the exchange of freelancers. It is not strange, but here you can find more adequate and solvent customers. Often they order promotion in the complex, and are willing to pay much more for SEO writing. Again, the complex also includes a landing page and many other interesting things.
      • After we have found a small customer base on freelance boards, it moves on to the next main stage of evolution. Open your own portal. On your website you must show that only eggs are cooler than you. Do independent Seo-promotion. Even if you do not very nicely draw your site, the very fact of its presence and promotion will show that you know how to do something.
      • The alternative is to manually search for large customers. They rarely enter the freelance market, although they can be found there. Therefore, for starters, you wool all the Google sites for search queries. We are interested in the second and third page. After that you need to write a letter to the customer, saying that for a modest fee (it all depends on the skills and appetites obtained earlier) you are ready to show what you can turn the site into.
      • Search for a web studio that develops and promotes websites. Usually in such studios there is always a high turnover of personnel, so it’s not a problem to get a job and practice. You get a guarantee, high wages and most importantly interesting projects
      • As an alternative to search for vacancies on a permanent basis somewhere at the labor office.

Stage Three.

The choice of specialization. Of course, we all know the guru in this profession, but each of them specializes in one of two areas:

      • Create high conversion selling texts. This specializes people with journalistic education. They sell everything from their services to educational materials of their own production. In this direction, evolution is quite profitable, but not very promising. Most of the time you will sleep while waiting for customers, or search for them yourself. The cost of a thousand characters selling copywriter starts at $ 3 and goes to heaven.
      • The second direction is much more promising from the point of view of development. This is becoming a comprehensive SEO optimizer. Skills copywriting and compiling the semantic core will help raise even the most dead of the site, a small infusion of capital into the budget of promotion and you are already a professional can bring almost any site to the first page of Google. Why do this? Usually for such promotion are willing to pay a percentage of the traffic throughout the existence of the site. Make 100 successful promotions in 5-7 years, and you will receive passive income for the rest of your life. Naturally, in order to become a pro optimizer, it is necessary to master something besides rating, however, it is the basic skills obtained from copywriting that makes up 65% of the effectiveness of promotion. Another 10% is the core of the site and its engine, and the customer’s budget comes to the remaining 25% (purchase of links, support of the donor’s site, knocking out competitors, etc.)

Why is it worth being ready for a beginner copywriter

If you already decided to become an OTC copywriter, then you should get ready for:

      • Continuous self-development and study of all materials that come to hand;
      • Sitting out for several days / weeks / months / years without a customer. You must independently search for them and impose your services. This is not an exchange, where the customer is brought on a silver platter.
      • Opportunities to be thrown and remain without s / n. Try to get at least partial prepayment, or full prepayment after the test by the customer;
      • A long road to success. On average, development of a copywriter can take up to 5 years before it breaks out into the top.
      • The fact that you have to learn hard self-discipline. The risk of losing a customer here is much higher than on the same exchanges.
      • To the black and white stripes in your work.

How much do over-the-counter copywriters make

This question torments those who can not decide to leave the stock exchange.

I want to tell you on my own example that at each stage I have my own pace and type of earnings.

For example, at first, I was snatching 1-2 projects per month for 100-150 thousand characters. For these projects, I received 0.5 USD per thousand. It was on the freelance market.

Important: I still look through such sources in search of interesting orders in which I would like to try myself.

At the stage of persistent addressing to customers, I snatched 1 project a week for 40-50 thousand characters, but already for the price doubled.

After working on a permanent base, I have several projects in which payment is measured in 5-8 dollars per thousand. From myself I can say that customers who have such budgets, graze in the areas of:

      • Forex; These guys are ordering a powerful info-style for submitting and selling their knowledge. They have money from attracted users, or, if they are very steep, they are exclusively from their own trading. The site for them is more often entertainment, so they are ready to invest big money in it, but be prepared for the fact that they can block oxygen in the absence of a result almost immediately.
      • Binary; Survive solely by attracting new users. There is always an advertisement of a broker or his affiliate on the portal. They can pay a lot, but only for salespeople. Sometimes for exaggerating income or distorting reality.
      • Divorces; Everything is clear here.
      • Illegal activities; Underground casinos, etc.
      • Affiliate sites; usually write articles for each affiliate program, which lured careless users. Pay article by article, do not look at the result.

At the last stage, only large firms, which order serious texts, start to bring money. For example, with whom I collaborated. The rest, unfortunately, can not name. Such companies are engaged in serious business, sometimes outside the Internet and are willing to pay big money for a real result.

Conclusion: earning on copywriting, the framework set only you. You can always learn English and run away to work with foreigners, and receive from $ 200 per thousand, or unwind and start writing texts for the landing of Gazprom branches.


I tried to consider the main ways of earning copywriter off-exchange. Undoubtedly, my article will have a large share of subjectivism, since I myself am also engaged in writing texts and optimizing sites.

You can earn, and not limiting yourself in the framework of style and using unconfined originality. How much will you earn, it’s up to you …