How do you know if children can watch this movie?

How do you know if children can watch this movie?

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Often we want to see with our children an old or new film, but not all of us can allow children to watch outright scenes or scenes of cruelty there. And unfortunately, even the presence of the 12+ badge on the poster is not always guaranteed to save you. Also, the designation 16+ does not always mean that the film contains scenes that you would consider to be unacceptable for your children, because depending on the age of the child, each of us can decide what he can watch and what he shouldn’t. Even the site film search will not answer you on a similar question.

We learn “Is it possible for a child to watch a movie …”

The way out of this situation is to use an international resource. Yes, yes, it is on his ratings that we focus on choosing which movie to watch in the evening. This site provides detailed information on each film. The only disadvantage for our audience is that the IMBD website is entirely in English.

However, no one has canceled the automatic translation from Google Chrome, or the samegoogle translate.

So, here is a simple step-by-step instruction that lets you know if a child can watch a particular movie 🙂 Let’s take the Terminator movie and find out if you can watch it for children?

Go to Google and drive in: “terminator IMBD”:

In 99% of cases, the first link will be the one we need. Feel free to click on it and get to the IMBD website. In the vertical menu, click the last item “More” and select the sub-item “Parents Guide” (parental guide).

In this section, all the scenes that can shock your child are considered in detail (although you are more likely to be seen together than not) 🙂 with baby. I think most of all you will be interested in the first two subsections:

We read carefully in English, but if you can’t do it – use force Google Translate :

Now you are aware of each scene of dubious content and only you can make a decision – can your children watch this film, or maybe you can just rewind an inconvenient moment for you 🙂

What do movies mean by age letters?

You can get acquainted with the detailed description of the international rating system of the American Film Association onвикипедии. Но если кратко :

Reyting G — General audiences (Fil’m demonstriruyetsya bez ogranicheniy)

Reyting PG — Parental guidance suggested (Detyam rekomenduyetsya smotret’ fil’m s roditelyami)

Reyting PG-13 — Parents strongly cautioned (Prosmotr ne zhelatelen detyam do 13 let)

Reyting R — Restricted (Litsa, ne dostigshiye 17-letnego vozrasta dopuskayutsya na fil’m tol’ko v soprovozhdenii odnogo iz roditeley, libo zakonnogo predstavitelya)

Reyting NC-17 — No One 17 & Under Admitted (Litsa 17-letnego vozrasta i mladshe na fil’m ne dopuskayutsya)

Priyatnogo prosmotra !
Rating G – General audiences ( The film is shown without restrictions)

Rating PG – Parental guidance suggested ( Children are encouraged to watch a movie with their parents)

PG-13 rating – Parents strongly cautioned ( Viewing is not advisable for children under 13)

Rating R – Restricted ( Persons under the age of 17 are allowed to the film only when accompanied by a parent or legal representative)

NC-17 rating – No One 17 & amp; Under Admitted ( Persons 17 years of age and younger are not allowed on the film)

Enjoy watching !