Pickpocketing: How to protect yourself from pickpockets.

Pickpocketing: How to protect yourself from pickpockets.

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Anyone can become a victim of a pickpocket, and it always happens unexpectedly. According to statistics, every fourth resident of a big city at least once in his life faced a similar situation. The most frequent thefts occur in public transport and at bus stops, in shops and in crowded places.

Pocket theft is as old as the world and is still one of the most popular ways to generate income in the criminal world. From the point of view of criminologists, the art of pickpocketing is not only advantageous, but also fairly safe and easy for the criminals themselves. In most cases, it is not possible to prove the suspect’s guilt, and hardly a third of all pickpockets are actually arrested.

Remember, pocket thieves are cunning, cautious, dexterous and dodgy people, who may seem charming and intelligent, or simply be unobtrusive.

But if in public places you are always on guard and follow simple rules, you can secure your property.

How to protect yourself from pickpockets

Attention is the best way to protect yourself from street theft. Pickpockets always choose a sacrifice from among scattered or distracted people who do not pay enough attention to their personal belongings.

The percentage of pickpocketing is quite low, and the likelihood that the criminal will be caught and the property will be returned to you and the money in reality is not large. Therefore, prevention of pickpocketing is so important, because it is much easier to prevent a crime. The easiest way to do this is to keep your property under control in public places.

In order not to be left without money and valuable things, you should also know the basic techniques that pickpockets use to divert attention.

Ways to commit pickpocketing

Pickpockets commit theft in various ways. Sometimes these are professional “cutters” who deftly cut bags, briefcases and backpacks with a blade or a sharpened coin, taking advantage of our carelessness.

The so-called “guest performers” always work in a group: while one distracts the victim’s attention, the other pulls valuable things out of the bag, often passes them to a third person. This method is most common because it complicates the search and capture of a criminal.

“Shirmachi” use foreign objects as a cover – a newspaper, a hat, a raincoat, cover the moment of theft from prying eyes, and it’s harder to notice from the action of a thief.

A thief can point you to supposedly soiled clothes and start shaking them off, while clearing out pockets. Or pretend to be pushed on you – as if you are gaining it, pull the contents out of the bag at this moment.

Often, criminals can play the role of a person who needs help, asking you to show them the way. This may be a charming girl, and an intellectual in glasses, apparently completely different from the stereotype of a criminal. Be vigilant, the safety of your property directly depends on it.

Pickpocket Backpack and Other Tricks

Experts say that one hundred percent protection against “tweezers” does not exist. However, over the past few years, special backpacks with protection from pickpockets, whose manufacturers guarantee the complete safety of their contents, are gaining popularity.

This is a great invention in its simplicity and functionality. The design of the backpack contains many high-tech developments, from zippers hidden in special hard-to-reach folds to unique fabric that cannot be cut through manually.

A backpack from Bobby pickpockets, which got its name from the nickname of the police in England, was created by the Dutch company XD Design. You can learn more about the secrets of the pack from thieves by following the link.

Perhaps such a backpack will serve as a really reliable protection, but we do not advise you to be upset with anyone who is not yet the owner of such an accessory. A few simple rules will help you avoid financial and property losses:

  • Do not miss bags with valuable things and a purse from your field of vision, do not hold them from the side or behind, so it’s harder to control .
  • It’s better to hold a backpack in public places not on your shoulder or on your back, but in your hands.
  • Do not carry valuables, documents, money and a phone in your back pockets.
  • The larger the wallet, the more difficult it is to quietly remove it from the bag. It can also be attached to the bag with a special chain.
  • Do not attract the attention of intruders – do not reach for a bunch of money in crowded places, do not count large sums.

Stole the wallet. What to do

However, even the most careful and cautious person is not immune from meeting “thieving professionals”. More often than not, in this case, the victim may not even immediately remember the moment of the theft – the criminals are so cleverly and quickly operating.

So, if in a shop, bus, subway, in any other public place your wallet or other valuables were stolen, what should you do? First of all, calm down and immediately contact the police station on whose territory the theft was committed.

Stole the wallet on the bus, shuttle bus, subway

If you are a victim or witness of committing a crime in public transport – as soon as possible notify others – driver, conductor, other passengers. Efficiency in this situation is very important, sometimes it is thanks to a timely reaction that you can catch the offender “hot on the heels”. In the metro, you should immediately turn to the police or duty officer’s outfits, but in the car, there is an emergency button with the driver. The main thing in this situation is your active position.

Stole a bank card

Most of us keep in our wallet not only money, but also bank cards, a credit card is also easy to steal from a pocket of clothes or a bag.

Plastic cards with contactless payment technology can be freely used by a third party, so the first thing to do is contact the bank employees, report the loss of the card and block the account.

Stole the phone

If you steal your phone, first contact your service provider and block the phone number, and also contact the ATS at the site of the incident as soon as possible. Significantly increase the likelihood of missing the presence of factory packaging with a check, documents and, most importantly, with a unique IMEI code.

Owners of iOS devices in this situation are in a slightly better position. Since, firstly, their phone being blocked is almost impossible to unlock without knowing the password and no “resetting” the phone will help them with this – in fact, they will get just a “brick”. Secondly, on iOS devices there is a search function for a stolen phone, which can be activated from another device and track the location of a stolen or lost device, or at least find out the place where it was last turned on.

In any of these situations, the most important thing is to act as quickly as possible, since criminals, as a rule, try to realize what was stolen within a few hours. The sooner you write a statement, the higher the chance of catching the attacker, and this chance should definitely be used.

PS: And here describes how to protect your home from theft.