How to become smarter and develop brain activity – a complete guide

How to become smarter and develop brain activity – a complete guide

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Flexibility of mind, memory, creativity and talent are all components of our intellectual potential.

And it is determined by the number and quality of neurons and synapses – the connections between neurons. These connections are formed precisely in the process of learning new things, solving complex, incomprehensible tasks i. – in the process of studying.

In an adult person working in the same field, dealing with the same set of tasks, the need for brain training is much higher than that of a child whose whole life consists of learning and learning. In other words, as long as you find it difficult to do what you do, you develop. As soon as everything became simple and clear – the process is completed.

Smart or erudite?

Immediately it is necessary to designate, now we are talking about the “mind” in the context of making adequate decisions, the ability to situationally respond in different situations, solve problems independently and take into account the consequences, not reading, competence and erudition. Although, these things are undoubtedly related.

To be smart, set yourself such tasks for which you have to jump a little above your head every time.

No matter how desirable, to become smart in five minutes is impossible. The brain works the same way as the body:

Составляющие тренировки мозга

Exercises for brain training:

The development of ambidexterity – the ability to own the same with both hands. To do this, simply perform the usual actions (brush your hair, brush your teeth, etc.) with your left (or right if you are left-handed) hand;

Performing habitual actions with eyes closed is a useful exercise for coordination, and also it develops very well the least active areas of the cerebral cortex;

Reading words on the contrary develops excellent concentration, gradually use more and more complex and long words;

Creation and fantasy: invent new ways to use familiar objects, fantastic predictions, etc. Draw or photograph;

Learning to play musical instruments requires simultaneous complex coordination of both hands and involves almost all brain areas at the same time. In this regard, playing musical instruments gives odds to sport and drawing.

What books need to be read in order to become smarter.

To become a smart person, you must, first of all, constantly learn, develop your abilities and expand the sphere of interests. To do this, it is not necessary to attend expensive seminars and take long online training courses. Take responsibility for your life and take care of self-development, the main rule of which says: you want to be smart – read! And we will tell you which books to read in order to become smarter.

In the rapidly developing modern world, huge information flows fall on us every day, and often the brain has difficulty coping with them.

Based on recent research, scientists have made a consoling conclusion for all of us: the human intellect continues to evolve, and the modern human brain is able to process and assimilate much more information than a few centuries ago.

Certainly, we can still help our brain a little more to become more developed and clever. The main things you should pay attention to:

  • memory improvement;
  • thinking training;
  • speech development;
  • vocabulary increase.

Puzzles, puzzles and charades, crosswords and sudoku – all this is an excellent training for the brain.

We have prepared a list of developmental books that promote iq.

11 books for the development of intelligence.

Links to other ratings that we recommend:

However, to become smarter, to develop your brain only “technically” is not enough. How often one has to deal with people who have a great intellectual potential and who are completely unable to apply it in reality, such people often find themselves on the sidelines of their own lives. Why is this happening?

Oddly enough, a large number of examples of such fate can be observed among the so-called “gifted” children. The fact is that the fascination with purely intellectual development leads to a lack of personal development and social formation, and also entails the lack of necessary communication skills. And this concerns not only the period of childhood and adolescence. We all live in the world of people, where improving the ability to communicate and character is desirable throughout life.

Therefore, “pumping yourself out” in full with the help of quick reading and books on memory development will not work. It is necessary to read regularly, a lot, and at the same time we strongly recommend that you turn to the most diverse areas of literature.

Recommended books on psychology.

Each person, in order to fully realize his potential and realize himself, to find inner harmony and to wallow, has to wade through the fog of his own complexes and prejudices. And often doing it alone is difficult and slow. At the same time, not everyone will dare to turn to a psychoanalyst.

Fortunately, today all the great works of famous specialists in the field of psychology have been published in millions of copies, while modern psychologists and psychotherapists release new works annually. And it is not necessary to read monographs and academic publications. Many books are written in simple and accessible language, light and light. In them, practicing psychologists share their experiences with readers on examples from their own many years of practice. Such books are brilliantly brainwashed.






Autobiographies and biographies of famous people.

Currently there is a huge selection of such literature. Of course, the most advertised books of contemporaries who have achieved success. Such works motivate, elevate mood and faith in one’s own strength.

No less exciting and useful will be the biographies of historical figures – scientists, rulers, generals, outstanding athletes and artists of the past. Each such book is a story of the development path of a strong, multifaceted, not always harmonious, but successful and extraordinary person. And we all have something to learn from them.

It can also be memoirs, diaries and letters of prominent personalities. Reading them is incredibly interesting, they lift the veil of secrecy, one way or another accompanying all famous people. Through the prism of their personal memories and experiences, we can look at them through the eyes of an ordinary person, who is not alien to doubt and frustration. Often it helps to see your own life in a slightly different light, to draw the right conclusions.

Alternative lists of biographies of prominent people who are interesting to read:

10 autobiographies of great people that everyone should read

Novels in letters: love correspondence of the great people who conquered the world

Classical works recommended for reading.

Many still continue to believe that the classics are just as boring as they were when they were at school. But children simply can’t feel the full depth of world fiction. As adults, we perceive the actions of the main characters differently, their psychological portraits and philosophical arguments of the authors.

And some great books just need to reread at every stage of their life journey.

You can read them 10 times or 15, they never lose their deep wisdom and everyday relevance. In each reading, these works will leave a completely different impression, and something that escaped earlier will suddenly become close and clear.

Popular Science

Do not be surprised. Of course, not everyone is interested in reading serious scientific works, but many are simply not clear.

But in the modern world, where science is gaining tremendous momentum, more and more scientists are turning to its popularization. About science – it is easily accessible and very interestingly written by many authors.

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Modern Fiction.

A huge number of noteworthy, and sometimes even consciousness-turning authors can be distinguished from modern ones. It is enough to study the lists of Nobel laureates in literature or Booker award finalists of recent years. The best of them make films, such books become bestsellers during the lifetime of the authors, and any bookseller will tell you about them with pleasure.

What else to read on the topic: 100 best novels of the century

Encyclopedic publications and reference books.

Who among us secretly does not dream of becoming as clever and erudite as Alexander Friends ? Various kinds of encyclopedic literature can help in this, it significantly broadens the mind and increases the general level of knowledge. Reading encyclopedias can really become very exciting, because you will learn a lot of useful and diverse information and get answers to a variety of questions. Children in the “I Want to Know Everything” series are very fond of children, so why not take an example from them.

How to increase brain activity.

The work of our brain – brain activity – is in fact nothing more than electrical oscillations. In anatomy, these fluctuations are called rhythms of the brain, among which today 8 types are distinguished, from alpha to tau rhythm. Each of them is responsible for strictly defined functions of the brain. The mental state of a person and his brain activity are assessed, taking into account the ratio of these rhythms.

Sustained deterioration in brain activity is called dementia, it is manifested by a decrease in interest in cognition and a loss of ability to acquire new knowledge and skills, a significant and progressive deterioration in memory.

At a young age, dementia occurs infrequently, may be the result of injury or various addictions. In the elderly, the cause of the disease (Alzheimer’s, Pick), as well as the poor state of the cardiovascular system.

Tip: if you know a foreign language ( and maybe not one) – try to use your knowledge in everyday life and colloquial speech. In 2013, scientists at the Indian Medical Institute proved that the use of two or more languages ​​in everyday life postpones the likelihood of dementia, on average, for 5 years. A great reason to learn a foreign language, isn’t it?

So, how do we prevent premature dementia, and just make the most of the natural possibilities of our brain? For this it is necessary to increase brain activity.

Do not rush to immediately turn to drugs that stimulate brain activity. First you need to figure out how to naturally increase the efficiency of our brain.

Factors that reduce brain activity.

Of course, there are factors that adversely affect brain activity. To reduce their impact, let’s break them down briefly.

Sleep deficiency.

Perhaps, it is the strongest factor affecting the activity of our brain. During sleep, the brain rests, namely, it is released from the biochemical products of the decay of its daily activity. It is also during sleep that the important hormone melatonin is produced, which is responsible for brain activity and the immune system. Without giving the brain a good rest, we provoke its excessive toxication, thereby making it impossible to work fully. Recall that the duration of sleep for an adult should be at least 7-8 hours.


We spend most of our life in a hurry and bustle, solving responsible business and personal tasks, in constant tension. If you add to this constant lack of sleep – chronic fatigue and apathy guaranteed. It looks like stress, familiar, unfortunately, many of us are not hearsay.

In a situation of stress, the brain works for wear, at the limit of its capabilities, which greatly slows down all processes. It is necessary to strive to prevent such states, normalize the daily routine, give yourself more opportunities for rest and spend more time outdoors.

Information overload, multitasking.

A crucially large flow of the most diverse information coming in from all sides has long been no surprise to anyone. We are forced to combine many functions in our activity, to think about several important things at the same time, and this is required by the modern rhythm of life.

All this greatly inhibits the work of the brain, “zombies” it. Many people know the state of “as in a dream”, only with open eyes. How to protect yourself from this?

First of all, put the information flow to you in a rigid framework, stop bothering with information that is not related to your life. Watch TV less, limit time on social networks. Read more, focus on the really essential things.

Bad habits, antidepressants, sleeping pills.

Alcohol, nicotine, potent drugs have a particularly negative effect on brain activity. These factors affect the rate of transmission of oxygen and nutrients, slowing it down. Because of this, the energy processes in the gray matter are reduced, and the activity drops by 30-50%.

Lack of sunlight.

Lack of vitamin D, which is produced only under the influence of ultraviolet rays, adversely affects brain activity and the psyche as a whole. Without this vitamin, it is impossible to create new nerve cells, it accelerates the work of the cerebellum, its deficiency leads to a deterioration of the brain and the loss of human energy.

Therefore, we need to visit the sun as often as possible, especially in the summer.

If you try to avoid the above factors or reduce their influence to a minimum, you can significantly increase brain activity, as well as the level of vital energy in general.

The effect of sports on brain activity.

Regular exercise is very conducive to improving brain performance . And it does not matter at all what kind of sport you are in and what your sporting achievements are. The key here is the fact that physical exercise activates proper breathing and “accelerates” the blood, which ensures sufficient oxygen supply to all internal organs. Just enter at least 10 minutes of daily exercise in your daily routine, and in a couple of weeks you will really feel the difference: your thoughts will become clearer, new ideas will appear, and your working capacity will increase.

Magic pills for brain activity

Any of us is familiar with situations where maximum brain activity is so necessary: a session and a diploma, a new position and an increase in workload, important financial or life decisions.

How at such moments to turn on the brain to the maximum? Maybe there are “magic pills” to enhance brain activity?

Indeed, it is the diet and supplemental supplements, which are designed to stimulate the brain. They also have a number of contraindications. It is true that, most often, they are associated symptoms.

Therefore, it is recommended that you make a decision on how to make a decision.

However, it can’t help. We offer a more natural way. It is a simple, healthy lifestyle.

Favorite Brain Vitamins

The state of mind is not only dependent on our psychological state and lifestyle. Our brain.

To organize a balanced diet, you need to know which vitamins are most important for the brain.

There are no conditions for the body, especially group B .

The most beneficial vitamins for the brain –

B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin) . It doesn’t get worse. The reaction is occurring in the brain. Its shortage can be expressed by constant drowsiness, lethargy, headaches.

It prevents ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and prevents overloading.

Vitamin p (rutin) strengthens the skin, reducing the risk of small hemorrhages.

It is very important to use omega-3 and -6 unsaturated fatty acids. It can be used to make it easier for people to use it.

It is actually not so difficult. It is very easy to fill in the balance of various types of vitamins and microelements.

Food for thought. Products that increase brain activity

Nature itself takes care of us, so it is important to know what particular benefits one or another food can bring.

Consider foods rich in components, so necessary for the full functioning of the brain.

Tip: Is there a brainstorming session? For your brain to work “to its fullest,” be sure to include the following foods in your diet:

  • Seafood: fatty fish, mussels, squids, sea kale;
  • natural nuts: walnuts, cashews, almonds (preferably unsalted and unroasted);
  • cottage cheese;
  • dried fruits: dried apricots, figs, raisins;
  • honey.

“Smart” products that increase brain activity:

Fatty sea fish varieties: mackerel, sardines, herring, tuna, trout – are considered the most healthy products for the brain, because they contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Nuts and dried fruits – provide fast nutrition to brain cells that stimulate brain activity and attention. An indispensable source of beneficial carbohydrates during periods of intense intellectual activity.

Berries: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, red and black currants – are full of antioxidants that accelerate blood flow to the brain and prevent its premature aging.

Cabbage: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, white cabbage – a source of vitamin K that improves concentration.

Spinach – energizes, improves memory and stimulates the development of cognitive abilities. You may not like him – but he is very useful 🙂

 Cocoa – contains the antioxidant flavanol, which stimulates blood circulation in the brain. A cup of this drink per day will help improve brain activity and prevent the development of sclerosis.

Lentils – contains the amino acids necessary to accelerate the biochemical processes in brain cells. This provides clarity of mind and speeds up thinking.

Garlic – is rich in substances that activate the brain cells. Regular consumption of garlic in the food prevents the development of age-related changes.

Tomatoes – contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene, which protects brain cells from premature aging, and melatonin, which stimulates brain activity.

Liver – contains vitamin B1 (thiamine), it is desirable to include it in the diet 1-2 times a week. Even a slight deficiency can reduce a person’s ability to learn.

 Spices – some herbs and spices have a tonic effect on the brain, contribute to the improvement of its work.

Separately, we note the importance of water for full brain activity. As you know, the brain consists of gray and white substances, which for the most part consist of water. Therefore, our brain is very sensitive to dehydration, it is extremely negative for all brain processes. Recall that the rate of water consumption per day is 1.5 liters.

Brain Development Games

There is a persistent stereotype that computer games are a pastime from the category of “popcorn for the brain” and an opportunity to escape from reality into the fictional world. In fact this is not true.

A well-proven scientific fact: games in the genre of action increase visual attention, short-term memory, generally improve brain performance and are excellent brain training. The second question is that there are a number of studies proving the presence of side effects of such a workout. Also, a lot depends on the time spent playing a game, but now we are talking about games that are periodically played for recreation or development, and not about the problem of gambling.

Games for the development of intelligence rather controversial concept. There are many theories and studies to confirm and refute the use of computer for the brain.

Research on the effect of computer games on the amount of gray matter.

In 2017, an article was published in Molecular Psychiatry , an article about the impact of computer games on the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus – a brain region that participates in the processes of formation of emotions and the transition of short-term memory into long-term memory; it generates theta brain waves while maintaining attention. The research was conducted in Canada by scientists from the Center for Neuropsychology and Consciousness Studies at the University of Montreal and the Department of Psychiatry at the Douglas Hospital Research Center at McGill University.

Spatial and behavioral learning

There are two types of orientation in space – spatial learning and behavioral learning. People are prone to spatial learning, i.e. to remembering connections between objects in space, in the hippocampus there is more gray matter. But people who are prone to behavioral learning more actively tailed nucleus.

Studies have shown that the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus is directly related to the amount of gray matter in the caudate nucleus, in other words, the more involved the caudate nucleus, the less gray matter in the hippocampus. Conversely, the more a person uses the hippocampus, the less gray matter is in the caudate nucleus and striatum. And, accordingly, the more involved one of the navigation systems, the more the second suffers, up to the risk of atrophy. Given that the low content of gray matter is a risk factor for mental illness and disorders of the nervous system, this is a serious factor.

The next stage of research was to establish or disprove the connection between computer games and the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus and the caudate nucleus. The first stage of research involved people who play constantly. Studies have shown that people who are prone to spatial learning in the process of playing shooter increases the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus. People who are prone to behavioral training are in the caudate nucleus. At the same time, among people playing constantly, the variant of behavioral training in navigation is more common.

The second experiment involved people who do not play computer games. In the laboratory, the subjects played 90 hours of a shooter type game. In this experiment, there were no significant negative effects. But in people prone to behavioral learning, the amount of gray matter in the right hippocampus has decreased, while in people with spatial navigation systems it has increased – in the left.

The conclusion of scientists, based on this study: video games develop visual attention, train the brain and directly affect the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus. But for people with different types of navigation, this effect will be different: people who are inclined to orient themselves in space, remembering a series of actions, the activity of the hippocampus decreases even more, the amount of gray matter in it and the risk of hippocampus atrophy appears.

These are the results of research on games such as shooter. On the other hand, the same experiment showed: 3D games like Super Mario do not have this effect. During the experiment, all subjects who played in a three-dimensional game, increased the amount of gray matter. In people who prefer behavioral strategies, in the right hippocampus, and in people with spatial learning strategies, in the entorhinal area of ​​the cortex. Studies by neuropsychologist Greg West have shown that three-dimensional games, along with music lessons, significantly increase the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus in the elderly and significantly inhibits senile changes.

So what happens is:

  • memory training games are a scientifically proven fact;
  • Depending on your lead navigation system, either it is useful for you to play games like shooter, or you should not get carried away. Ideally, a balance should be maintained between the activity of the hippocampus and the caudate nucleus;
  • 3D video games are useful for brain training, regardless of the leading navigation system. In older people, games like Super Mario significantly slow down age-related changes, improve coordination and gait. The effect is the same as when playing music – a long-recognized form of anti-aging therapy;

All of the above applies to games that were originally intended as entertainment. Of course, after such research results, the effects of games on the brain and intelligence began to develop games that were already specifically designed for the development of intelligence, brain training and memory development.

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Today there are many different exercises for the brain. Online games and useful brain activity apps will become your “mental trainers.” Of course, one should not expect such incredible exercises, for example, the American company Lumosity was recently fined, promising to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (Source – ). Increasing attention and concentration, improving memory, coordination and movement – this is the real result that you get if you keep your brain in good shape with the help of games and applications.

The list of games and applications for training memory and brain development Today, despite the scandal with a fine, it is the most large-scale and popular site for brain training. Developers offer a large selection of games with different levels of difficulty and with the ability to choose which ability you want to develop. Next is an individual training, involving short classes, but – every day. The first 7 days the service is free. Further, you can pay for access monthly or for a year. There is an option to pay for untimely access. There are also applications for   App Store.  developed by one of the leading neurophysicists in the United States, Paul Nussbaum. One of the most popular services. There is a training mode and a game mode. Each game has three levels of difficulty. The developer promises a significant increase in cognitive abilities with regular daily workouts just a few minutes a day. There is a free trial period. There are applications for Apple iTunes and the App Store.  application developed specifically for the smartphone, available in the Apple iTunes and the App Store. Mini games are exercises that need to be given a few minutes of attention two to three times a week. Exercises are divided into groups: for memory, for quick thinking, flexibility of mind, ability to concentrate and for the development of language skills.

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