How to choose a hosting for a website or online store

How to choose a hosting for a website or online store

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So, you chose a name for your site and now it is the turn of a more complex question – how and what hosting to choose?

It doesn’t matter what you have – a forum, a business card site, an online store, a portal or a blog – he needs hosting, and it is the quality of his work that will determine the stability of the site, and therefore profit!

6 simple rules – how to choose the right hosting provider.

Over the past 15 years, I went through a lot of hosting providers and repeatedly moved from place to place. Over the years I have created for myself a fairly simple and clear checklist that allows me to choose a hosting for a site or store.

Why should I have several hosting sites? We remember the rule “do not put all your eggs in one basket” – the same is with sites. If you have a lot of them – you should keep them whenever possible with different hosting providers (this is of course if you have many sites).

A simple checklist for checking the hosting provider.

So – this is what you should find out before clicking the order button.

  1. Server locations of the hosting provider.
    It is desirable (but not necessary) that they are located in the country in which the target audience of your site is located. Your website for them will load faster than if it were located across the ocean. However, if you have a small and fairly simple site, the location of the hosting will not be critical.
  2. Having a physical office at the hosting provider.
    There is a mass of “virtual” hosting providers that buy power from larger service providers and resell them, while not in themselves a real company. Where will they be next year, how to catch them in case of problems?
  3. 24/7 technical support with quick response to requests.
    This is one of the key points that almost no one thinks about. The hosting provider must have round-the-clock technical support both through the Ticket system (sending a request through a special form on the website or by email – your application receives a unique number) and by telephone. Sometimes it can also be an online chat. But the important thing here is the reaction speed and responsiveness of the staff. Reliable hosting will try to come to the rescue as quickly as possible, even in matters that do not always depend directly on them. Do not be lazy and check the hosting technical support. If your site falls, how quickly will they help you?
    Write to technical support, and at the same time call and see how long you will listen to music waiting, before you get an answer …
  4. Convenient control panel.
    Look at what the hosting control panel looks like. Personally, I like Cpanel and ISP Manager. There are cases when the hosting provider uses something exotic or a panel with reduced functionality.
  5. Backup availability. This is another key point that will allow you to be calm for the safety of your site. Ideal – if the hoster has an automatic backup with a long storage of copies. The ability to create backups manually doesn’t hurt either.
  6. Uptime is the percentage of time during which hosting is running without interruption. You can find it only on third-party sites that collect statistics on hosting providers, where you can also read reviews from real users.

How to check the hosting provider.

The method can be and does not give a 100% guarantee, but gives information on most of the basic points.
So, we go to the hosting site and find information about the location of the servers (often they have a choice of several countries), the presence of a physical address with the mode of operation, phone numbers and technical support e-mail. After that we send an email of the following content:

“Good afternoon, I want to order a hosting service from you. I am interested in the following questions:

  1. What is the hosting control panel?
  2. Backup options?
  3. Does tech support work around the clock?

After that, see how long you will be answered. If the response time is more than half an hour, then you can be sure that you can easily find a more agile hosting provider. A good provider with well-established technical support will answer you within 5-15 minutes ..

After receiving the answer to all questions, go to the site and read reviews about the selected hosting provider.

Now feel free to proceed to the choice of a hosting package!

My personal rating of hosting providers

Now I will tell where I now keep my sites and where I ran from.

For Ukrainian sites: – excellent hosting, technical support responds within 5 minutes via Ticket system, ISP-manager control panel, backup is present. The choice can be hosted in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany.

For Russian sites:– if they were in Ukraine, I would pass over to them with all their sites without hesitation. Technical support answers simply instantly and instantly solves any issues. They have their own control panel – but it is very convenient and has a terrific set of functions and is very optimized from the point of view of usability. You can easily link a free SSL certificate to all domains, which is automatically reissued. Plus, technical support for free can transfer your website from another hosting provider (which is very convenient if you bought a ready-made website).

Hosting Providers I Escape From

Hosting Ukraine. Once I recommended it to all clients and used it myself. They were stable, technical support was excellent. But recently, I was faced with the fact that the client site located at their “leg” and technical support simply did not pick up the phone .. After repeated attempts to get through, I was told (not in a very pleasant form) that yes, there is a problem when they do – unknown … the site lay almost a day! Neither sorry, nor any warnings – nothing … I do not like it, move out ..

HostPro – it was a long time ago (maybe now they are better), but they had extremely limited so-called “processor time” (roughly speaking, the percentage of processor power on the server that is allocated to each client). Because of this, even small sites periodically “fell.” Technical support immediately recommended buying a dedicated server (for a site with a attendance of 100 people per day!). Therefore, I escaped from them to the American HostGator, which I will discuss below.

American HostGator and 1and1 are the giants of hosting services in the USA, really big companies. Once everything worked like a clock, tech support via online chat helped me quickly. However, for several years now, the Indians have provided technical support mainly, who answer memorized phrases and do not understand the essence of the work (and perhaps even do not have such an opportunity). Therefore, to solve your question you will have to not only hang on the line, but also try to get through to a real technical specialist. And communication via online chat can be expected up to half an hour and without a guarantee that someone will answer you adequately.

Where else should you not take hosting.

If your website or online store develops a web-studio or freelancer for you (and not you), then with a high degree of probability I can assume that they will place your website on their hosting or server (and maybe you will not even have them ask about it). I recommend that you do not do this (except when you are certain that they are reliable).

I recommend that you spend an hour of working time, find and buy hosting separately from the site developer and pay for it yourself for one simple reason – it will be yours and only yours. At any time you can change access and your site will be only yours. Do not neglect the enhanced security of the hosting – put double authorization (when, in addition to entering the password for hosting, you should, for example, also enter the code from the SMS sent to you when you try to log in).

Which hosting package to choose?

So – with the hosting provider, we decided, now I need to tell you how to choose a hosting package, depending on the type of site and your needs in general. Immediately make a reservation – the information is strictly for beginners, the rest can scroll further.

How to choose a hosting for a business card site, a small corporate wordpress site.

WordPress is the world’s most popular engine for websites, blogs and small online stores. The vast majority of web studios will offer to make a site on WordPress.

If you develop one small website and assume that its attendance will also not be great (up to 1000 people per day), then you will be satisfied with the minimum package of almost any hosting provider. There will be enough 1GB of disk space for you to host the site, and there is still room for backup.

Which hosting to choose for an online store.

This question is a bit more complicated, since everything depends on the size of the store, on the intended traffic, the number of goods and images. For a small store should be enough on average up to 3-5GB of free space. Please note that with an increase in attendance you may need to move to a more serious package or a dedicated server. If your online store starts to “slow down” or even “fall” periodically – check with the technical support of the hosting provider for the reasons for this and maybe they will tell you the option of moving. If you are offered a move to a virtual dedicated (or even physical) server, keep in mind that it is much more difficult to maintain than simple shared hosting and you may need to hire a system administrator to maintain the server.

How to monitor the performance of your site.

How to find out and react in time if your site is “down”. How to understand how often it is inaccessible and what to do if it is hacked? Here comes the monitoring service. It sounds difficult, but in fact everything is simple – register on a special service – Add your site there and replenish the account (a couple of bucks will be enough for you for a long time!). Service with the frequency you choose polls your site and in case of problems immediately notifies you (you can choose SMS, instant messengers, mail).

A brief conclusion regarding the choice of hosting.

Think about how you buy, for example, expensive household appliances – you are interested in the manufacturer, availability of a guarantee, read reviews. So, if briefly – to the choice of hosting treat this way – because it should serve you for months and years!