How to get a link to google reviews to provide it to the client

How to get a link to google reviews to provide it to the client

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I hope everyone knows how to add your company to Google My Business and Google Maps? (if not, then you here).

Make sure your Google My Business profile is filled as carefully as possible. The information you enter will participate in Google search, which may attract additional traffic. Everything is important – phone numbers, activities, photos and of course, reviews.

Why do we need Google reviews

Many people in search of information and reviews are guided by Google reviews, so you can not underestimate their impact on the image of your company. Here is
So looks for example information about our company:

information about LLC "SEOPORT"

In the screenshot this is not visible, but just below Google shows even reviews about your company on other resources (for example, reviews from the official Facebook page).

To get the first reviews I had to explain to customers – they say go to Google, type in the company name and click “leave feedback” 🙂 However, soon I found a way to get a link to directly add a review about your company to Google.

Getting a link to Google reviews

The answer was found on support site Google, here are the instructions:

1.Follow the link to the site Google Places API.

2.We drive in the name of our company and copy its ID


ID on google maps

3.We add the received identifier to the link.<place_id>

, to succeed

4.Before giving a link to customers – you can shorten it using the service Google URL Shortener

What it looks like

A client who clicks on the link you have created goes directly to the page where you can immediately immediately begin to rate and write a review about the company, and, if necessary, have the opportunity to send a photo. It looks like this:

How to leave a company review

Since you can only leave a review with a client with a valid Google account, along with this link, I usually give the client a choice. – a link on our FaceBook page, where you can also leave a review.

Reviews on the site itself are significantly less important, since the level of trust in them is lower than the reviews on publicly accessible independent resources.

By the way, if any of the google reviews violates the rules, you can request its removal. Instruction here.

Good reviews!