How to learn to act today?

How to learn to act today?

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People who can instantly act in favor of solving their problems can truly be called unique. Alas, such a trait as determination is inherent in units, while millions every day find tons of excuses to put off business for the next day or year.

It is sad that most of these “indestructible walls-problems” can be destroyed in a matter of days, but people spend years thinking, preparing, postponing, making part of their life something that can disappear in a few hours.

What things we don’t like to solve most of all?

Do not confuse temporary problems with global ones. The first concept refers to simple tasks that do not have a special impact on your life: instructions from the boss, buying new furniture, taking a laptop for repairs, repairs in the apartment, fulfilling someone else’s requests, etc.

Of course, these problems have an impact on the level of comfort of your life, such as repairs, but still they do not change the internal sense of self, the quality of health, the relationship with loved ones and even financial situation. This is all a daily routine. Such problems will arise constantly, and you too will constantly, like a squirrel in a wheel, spinning to solve them.

It is terrible that these things never end and the usual strategy “I will redo all the work and, finally, I will take care of my own affairs”, alas, is doomed to failure.

Global problems include those that directly affect the functioning of the body, psychological health and happiness. Now deciphering: global problems are the problems that affect your health, well-being, relationships with your second half and relatives, as well as your satisfaction with life.

Awareness – First Step

Let us turn to examples. Very often, people complain about health problems. Take, as an option, frequent back pain. As an average person thinks: “Oh, it will pass by itself, there is no time to go to the doctor, and today I have a lot of work, the chief will be unhappy, I may lose his confidence, and then I need to take the children out of the kindergarten, and the day after tomorrow I promised my mother to help in the country house … “.

The list of “why I can not” could reach a kilometer if it is printed on paper. And when he finally grabbed it, a person runs to a doctor and spends many times more on his treatment than he would have spent, turn to earlier, when everything is not so neglected.
And at the same time you need to think about what the guys, if you yourself are not healthy enough, you cannot help your relatives, you cannot advance in your career, become a burden and give the same trouble to your family and friends! Of course, they will help you because of love, but you didn’t want that, right? It’s easier to refuse the boss once (surely, it won’t have serious consequences), agree with the mother the next day, ask the godfather, the brother, the matchmaker .. to take the children out of kindergarten, but spend a few hours on themselves, in their own good.

It all sounds pathetic. But still, we give another, somewhat banal example. You have a toothache and you see a small caries on it. Under the pretext of “I’m busy,” you delayed the campaign for six months. By this time, the tooth completely crumbled, it had to be removed and put artificial. Findings? You spent more than one day on treatment, foolishly lost a completely healthy tooth, experienced more pain, and spent two or three times more money than with the immediate treatment of a small “hole.” Do you need it?

The Power of Time

Time is the greatest illusion in our world. It seems that you have three more lives left, but in fact every second your life is shortened.

Global problems include those whose results cannot be seen in one day or even a month. It is because of lack of patience that many do not undertake such tasks or surrender as soon as possible.

Studying a foreign language, graduation from a higher education institution for advanced training, playing sports, losing weight …

It is all the above listed problems that take time, they cannot be solved at once – with one call, movement, action.

Invisible Results

Take foreign languages. Suppose you are a busy person and have a small amount of time to practice, but English would help you a lot in your career, for a trip or is it just a dream from childhood. You take the rules, the words, but … here something goes wrong. You try, you learn, but a month has passed, and you have learned only a few phrases, plus there were gaps, because the work was distracting, and you drop this thing.

For a month a foreign language no one has yet learned, and if you were assured of the opposite, then you are fraudsters or simply self-confident people. According to statistics, for elementary communication a person needs to know 1-2 thousand words. We make small calculations:

  • Let’s say you learn 5 new words a day
  • we make allowances for force majeure, and assume that you do 25 days per month out of 30/31 (5 * 25 = 125 new words per month)
  • In six months you will learn 125 * 6 = 750 words, and in a year 750 * 2 = 1500 words! Impressive, isn’t it?

The main thing is regularity. You will not notice how you will see the first results in the form of a dropped kilogram, a diploma, the number of press dice on the stomach …. But, you have to suffer a little, the result is worth it!

Friends, subscription and diary – what can help us?

Now we come to the practical part, because theoretically we have already understood that there is no point in postponing our important problems for tomorrow.

Very often, a person wants to be lazy, give up, drop everything. You, too, will surely feel something similar when you are one step away from victory. It is very difficult to motivate yourself to set goals for yourself, to go to them alone, and most importantly – to motivate yourself. Even unreal! You need help.

We offer several options on how to help yourself learn how to solve problems today.

  • Tell a friend about your problem and ask him to be interested in your success from time to time. Then it will be harder for you to find excuses. It is even better if a friend helps you in solving problems (he signs up with you for training, courses, will accompany you to the doctor’s office so that you don’t run away on the way ☺).
  • If you do not have such a reliable person even among relatives, and the “friends” are skeptical of your impulses, change your environment. Generally surround yourself with those who live as you yourself want. And you will not notice how “pull up” to them.
  • As practice shows, writing plans for their affairs usually ends in their presence on paper, but not in life. It is necessary to drift once and you constantly move away from real actions. But still, if you have moral support, write a list and let it be constantly in front of your eyes.
  • Start with the simplest tasks, because appetite comes with eating. This means that being a spiritualized little success, you will more decisively approach the following problems. And so by inertia will move on. The main thing is not to relax, and having finished one thing, the next day to take on the second. Variant – I am a young man today, finished one important thing, I’ll take up the second one on Monday – not a ride.
  • No monday! Remember, your tomorrow will be the same as today. If you are lying on the couch today, then lie down tomorrow. If you did 10 squats, then tomorrow you will do 10.
  • Really celebrate and enjoy small and big achievements! After all, it is your merit!
  • Keep a diary of your successes, write down everything that happened to you. Read these notes every day.
  • Buy a subscription to the gym or to courses, but only without the ability to transfer classes. If you do not come – the money is gone. What is not motivation?