How to learn to play chess well

How to learn to play chess well

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The game of chess certainly develops and will not allow your brain to dry out. According to Wikipedia back in 1950, a comrade by the name of Shannon calculated that the number of non-repeating chess games is at least 10 120 , which you agree allows your gray matter to roam.

I myself badly (really badly) play chess and last played them in my childhood. Since then, I know for sure that not even a schoolboy can beat, not to mention those who are older. But even for people like me, you can find an opponent of the appropriate level and improve your game! I discovered (and this is not an advertisement!) Site CHESS.COM

How to learn to play chess online from scratch

I discovered (and this is not an advertisement!) Site CHESS.COM , the benefits of the sea:

  • The site supports many languages ​​
  • You will find an opponent of the appropriate level in a minute
  • You get a lot of daily free lessons from level zero
  • You get several daily tasks to help you improve your game in terms of decision making at different stages of the game.
  • And most importantly, you can play on any device! Everything is supported – you want to play directly on the site, on the iPhone or Android.
  • The history of your games is saved and there is an opportunity to analyze the games played with tips of your mistakes!
  • For each game, you have units of rating depending on your game and the result – which then allows you to select an opponent of the appropriate level for you.

Important: you are not required to spend in the game for several hours. Just start the game and set the game speed you need – for example, 1 move per day, or 1 move in three days!

This is really cool. I usually choose 5-10 players of my level, set a speed of 1-3 days per turn and that’s it! As soon as the opponent made his move – I am not obliged to answer him immediately, dropping all the cases. I can walk at a convenient time for me. Most often, I make moves for all opponents in the evening, coming home after work + watching one instructional video.

By the way Apple Watch also supported and allow you to immediately receive a notification of your progress with a screenshot of the current position of the pieces on the board.

A huge advantage is the availability of free lessons and video materials for very beginner players, it really allowed me to pull my game one step higher.

However, I still can’t replay my friends who went to chess school as a child 🙂 But from time to time I begin to beat those who are beginners like me and start to understand the game a little better.

The only negative is the lessons in English, but the initial level should be enough for understanding.