How to lose weight or why not enough diet for a toned body

How to lose weight or why not enough diet for a toned body

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Diets for weight loss today account for about 28,000.

Here are the most popular ones: the Dukan diet; Japanese diet; buckwheat diet; Maggi diet; protein diet; Kremlin diet; kefir diet; egg diet; energy diet; blood type diet; Protasov’s diet; carbohydrate-free diet; rice diet; Atkins diet; Mediterranean diet; oatmeal diet; water diet; English diet; apple diet; Valley diet; Hollywood diet; banana diet – and this is only 1/10 of the list.

All of them are united by the following general provisions:

  • you can not eat until saturation
  • you can not eat at any time when you feel hunger
  • strict or relative prohibition of certain products

Consequences of diets or “ok, google, how to lose weight in a week”

It’s no secret to anyone today that after losing weight with a diet that is especially tough and fast, it is very difficult to keep weight. Most recover again and, often, even more than before the diet.
This happens because with a strong reduction in calories, the body begins to spend less energy, in other words – the metabolism slows down even more. And the most annoying thing is that the body starts to postpone, the hated for you, reserves. A noticeable reduction in weight on the scales in the first days of the diet, occurs due to loss of fluid, decrease in muscle mass and insignificant loss of fat.
Why precisely muscles? Because muscles require more calories. And, the stressing organism spends, first of all, it is them, leaving fat.

Of course, there is no question of an elastic, tightened body.

Sometimes the process of losing weight with a diet is called drying, which is fundamentally wrong. “Drying” is the term for sportsmen – both amateurs and professionals. The essence of the process is a reduction in the percentage of subcutaneous fat and maximum drawing of the muscles, for which they remove carbohydrates from the diet and increase the load. “Just lose weight” by removing carbohydrates and not exercising, so it is impossible. More precisely, it is possible, but, as has already been written above, you will reduce first of all the muscle mass, which in no way contributes to either beauty or health.

The difference between proper nutrition and a “diet for weight loss”


Proper nutrition can be called an attempt to return to the diet, laid at the genetic level. It is thanks to the food benefits of civilization: fast carbohydrates, fats, additives that stimulate the appetite, and we gain excess weight. A proper diet involves the rejection of harmful products, replacing them with useful ones and allows you to quench the feeling of hunger without gaining weight.

Eat less or run more?

For a beautiful, healthy (and physical beauty, basically, involves health), two components are necessary: ​​physical activity and a proper, balanced diet.

Depending on the type of physique, the role of physical activity for the formation of a beautiful body will vary from basic to auxiliary, and the principles of nutrition vary somewhat:

Ectomorph or asthenic type

If you are a woman – you are lucky. You are thin by nature and do not gain extra weight, allowing yourself to eat everything that pleases. But do not get carried away, with age, the metabolism slows down at all. And, one day, you may be surprised to find that you no longer fit into your favorite jeans. To avoid this, you only need to find time for training several times a week. If you are a man, for a beautiful body, you need regular weight training, a minimum of aerobic workouts and food rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. You can afford fast carbohydrates too, but with them you won’t gain muscle mass. As an ideal workout for an ectomorph, you can cite the Bruce Lee training program .

Mesomorph or normostenic

Ideally, normostenik sports figure. To maintain it, it is necessary to minimize fast carbohydrates and consume enough protein. Energetic normosteniki have a good appetite and, during sedentary work, quickly recover without sufficient physical exertion. Regular training, without fanaticism, and your figure will be perfect. This type is ideal for bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger has such a constitution and it is for mesomorphs that his workout is built.

Endomorph or Hypersthenic

These are exactly those who are referred to as “full-bodied.” People with this type of physique, really, quickly gain weight, if they allow themselves to eat the achievements of modern chemical industry, such as fast food. And if the work is also sedentary, but nervous … For a beautiful figure, they have to follow the diet and train more and more carefully than the two previous types. If you are a man – a comforting news, you “carve” the perfect body is easier than astenikov pump up the body of “Apollo.” But will have to work a lot. If you are a woman, aerobic and cardio should be the basis of your workouts. A hell of a lot of cardio. Run. Do not like to run – jump on a fitness trampoline, swim, ride a bike. Remember that from working with weighting your muscles grow under a layer of fat, if you don’t burn it, you will simply increase in volume. Love cardio, hate carbohydrates and your body will pleasantly surprise you. Do not believe? But Scarlett Johansson has exactly this physique.

In fact, in pure form, body types, like temperament types, are extremely rare. Your task is to determine the leading type and no, not to find a suitable diet. You need to develop a lifestyle in which you enter regular workouts. Moreover, training you are inspiring , and not those that you will quietly hate. And work out a diet for yourself: remove the “garbage”, replace it with a simple and quite affordable food. Not from a position – “I will lose weight and allow myself everything I want,” but from a position – “I eat tasty, wholesome food and not experiencing hunger and discomfort”.
Of course, at first, rebuilding lifestyles will require effort. But when you see how the silhouette of your ideal body emerges, it will be easy and pleasant.