How to overcome laziness and do sports at home.

How to overcome laziness and do sports at home.

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The truth about self motivation

What is “laziness”? Laziness is the lack of intrinsic motivation. You may be well aware of the need for training, but if you are “lazy,” then, deep down, you do not want to do it. And to force oneself in such a situation is a useless and ungrateful business.

To start playing sports at home, especially, from scratch it is best to “deceive” your unwillingness, and to transform home workouts from “because it is necessary” to “it brings me joy”.

Getting started at home.  

  • think about the exercises you like to do and start with 10 minute sets. But every day. Gradually you will wait for these 10 minutes, with impatience, and not with the thought – “it is necessary …”. Do not take immediately for an hour of training – so you can quickly burn out and quit. The task is to gradually develop in mindtraining, as a pleasure, and not learn to force yourself.
  • select short set exercises for beginners, which you will like. Pick it based on your rhythm of life and work when you are comfortable, morning or evening. It could be yoga, maybe a plank, maybe work with dumbbells, and maybe stretching. Yes, you need to work out the press, and not to stretch, but if you have a good stretch – stretch, let it be even better. You will feel satisfaction from the quick result and, accordingly, from training. And then – start gradually (!) To add exercises to your problem areas.
  • if possible – do not neglect home exercise equipment and devices for fitness. Downloading a press on a bright fitball is much more fun than on a rug. Exercise with stylish dumbbells in the color of sneakers, too. From here, the following point:
  • Get stylish workout clothes in which you will like yourself. And, ideally, you need to train in front of a mirror. First of all, of course, to see how well you are doing the exercises. But also, it is a powerful incentive, in the context of self-motivation.  

Итак, ответ на вопрос “с каких упражнений начать заниматься спортом дома” :

  • from simple ones (there is no instructor near who will correct mistakes and will not allow harm to health);
  • short (do not rush, enter the rhythm of regular workouts);
  • choose what you like or what you already get. And gradually add the necessary exercises for problem areas

As an additional incentive, watch a motivating video, write a blog or a training diary, or, conversely, subscribe to someone else’s sports blog, use applications for a smartphone – in the matter of self-motivation, all means are good.

How to start playing sports at home girl.   

On the Internet a large number of ready-made training programs and complexes for beginners. At the “how to start from scratch” stage and how to motivate yourself, all you have to do is choose the direction that you like: yoga, Pilates, complexes on a stepplatform or TRX loops, fitball training or weighting. Choose a complex on the network, purchase additional devices if necessary and, in fact, start.

How to start from scratch to a man 

A man to start playing sports at home will help bars, horizontal bar, dumbbells, the same TRX loops. If you have a very tight schedule, do not purchase simulators that you have to get for training, fix, and then remove. Ideally, you should be able to approach, for example, the uneven bars, work on them for about 10 minutes and go ahead with current affairs. If for a 10-minute workout you need to install a horizontal bar, and then take it off – it is very likely that you will get tired of this faster than you are involved in the training process. If this is not possible, consider training options with weights or the same bar for which you only need a mat.

And when will the result?

Perceptible результат, with regulardoing sports at home, будет in a month. And these visible changes will be the best incentive to continue training.  

The time you need to lose weight depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, and the number of extra pounds. There are three body types:

  • asteniki, they are ectomorphs are thin, hardly gain weight and have no problems with being overweight;
  • normosteniki or mesomorphs – athletic build, quickly gaining muscle mass, with low physical activity tend to get better, exercise and proper nutrition quickly bring themselves in order;  
  • hypersthenic, endomorphs – with difficulty shedding excess weight and quickly gaining it.

In their pure form, these types almost never occur. Usually, the main body type is well defined and the features of others are visible. And the results of training will directly depend on your leading type. What you can be sure of – the results, with regular workouts, will be surely of any body type.

In general, to lose weight, need not only do sport, but also change your diet.

How to exercise at home

Is it possible to play sports every day at home? Yes, if we are talking about 10 minute complexes and stretching. Yoga every morning or evening, too, will only benefit. But cardio is better to do 2-3 times a week.

What time is better to play sports at home

The beauty of workouts at home is that you train when it’s convenient for you, adjusting workout under the worker schedule, not according to the schedule in the gym. Of course, it is wise to approach the regime. Strength exercises are advised to do at least an hour before bedtime. But in yoga there are whole complexes “before bedtime”, which will help not only to keep muscles in tone, but also to relax, and contribute to healthy sleep.


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