“Do not be afraid and still take the first step.” Interview with Denis Korostashov, StarDance School

“Do not be afraid and still take the first step.” Interview with Denis Korostashov, StarDance School

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What is dance? Some people imagine a nightclub with deafening music, someone has the image of a grandly waltzing couple at a ball or passionate partners of Argentine tango. There will be those for whom the dance personifies a dervish circling in a trance. At the same time, dancing is not only academic art, sport or amateur hobby, but also an entire industry and business.

Today we are talking about this with the head of the school Dance and sports club “STARDANCE” , international-class master of sports of Ukraine, 10-dance champion of Ukraine, Bronze prize-winner of the World Championship in 10 dances – Denis Dmitrievich Korostashov. We are sure that he understands the dances like no other.

Denis, when did you realize that it is dancing that will become your main occupation in life?
-After the first year of dancing. Immediately decided that it was mine.

Nobody told you at the beginning of your career that dancing is not serious and should you think about another profession in life?
-Of course they said more than once. But, I had other plans for this.

You have achieved great success in dancing! How difficult was it to win in Ukrainian and international competitions?
To win is always difficult. Since you need to train a lot, observe the regime and self-discipline. The competition is very big and you need to develop and train every day to win.

Please tell us how much the level of international competitions differs from Ukrainian ones? Do we have a national dance school listed in the world? Does this mean not only the traditional classics in the form of the Virsky ensemble, but also the modern format?
– Now in Ukraine, ballroom dances are developing in quick steps. We hold a lot of strong contests. Of course, there are festivals in the world that are held for more than 60-70 years. The level of participants is the highest. There is no national school. All schools are private. There are several clubs in Ukraine that show the best results in the world and that everyone knows about.

Can dancing help you in everyday life?
-Of course. Not only in the ability to dance, but also in communication with our fair sex.

Let’s talk a little about your school. Now you conduct classes in three districts of Kiev. Who you

– We have a team, 4 teachers, including me, who work and develop our school.

How would you characterize the audience of your school – who are these people and what purpose are you engaged in?
– These are mostly children that parents bring. Everyone has different goals: someone for himself, and someone wants to achieve the highest results in the international arena. And we help them in this.

Does anyone who comes to study for you aspire to a professional career, or are they just practicing “for themselves”?
-It all different. It happens that they come for themselves, and eventually they realize that they want to make a career.

At what age should a child be given to dance, so that he can then participate in competitions at the proper level?
– This is very individual. There are children at the age of 4 who are ready to study, they are at the age of 5, someone at 6. Depending on the development and perception of the child. My personal opinion is from 6 years.

Which dance styles are currently the most popular?
– We do ballroom dancing. There are two programs European program of dancing and Latin American. Both programs are highly popular. Everyone chooses what is closer to him.

How difficult is it to learn how to dance at a decent amateur level? Which dance direction should I start with?
-The main thing is desire. If there is a desire, then you can learn everything and achieve everything. I would start dancing with the classics. This is a very good base for a future successful career.

Unfortunately, I myself don’t know how to dance, but when I look at beautiful people dancing, I really regret it. Tell me, is it possible to learn how to dance after 30-40 years? How long can the result be achieved in order to feel confident in the dance?

-It’s never too late to start dancing if we are talking about amateur dancing. But if we talk about professional dancing, it is better to start from childhood, of course.

At one time, popularizers of dance Chapkis and Vlad Yama flashed on the screens. There was such a popular show “Dancing with the Stars.” How much did they manage to attract people to the dance? And how do you rate their dance talents?
-I think that these people made a significant contribution to the development and popularization of dance in Ukraine. A very large number of people watched with interest the projects “Dancing with the Stars” and “Everybody Dance”. With the advent of these projects, many people of different ages became interested in dancing and began to come to classes and bring their children with them. Both Chapkis and Vlad Yama are talented people and good dancers who dedicated their lives to this.

Are there many dance clubs like yours in the capital and how is yours different from them?
-In Kiev, a very large number of dance clubs and schools. But the really professional with good preparation is not so much. We try to constantly evolve, receive new information and then invest it with our soul into our students.

What can you advise to those who do not dare to cross the threshold of the dance hall, but they really want to?
-I want to advise not to be afraid and still take the first step. For yourself, you will discover the wonderful world of dance. Dance and be happy (S. Popov).