Is it worth sticking the camera on a laptop?

Is it worth sticking the camera on a laptop?

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Over the past few years, we have been seeing people everywhere who prefer to stick a webcam on a laptop. Someone thinks it is paranoia and chuckles, someone thinks about it himself. Let’s see why everyone sticks webcams.

Why do they glue the camera on the laptop

So, there are actually three camps in this area:

  • those who have already sealed the camera on the laptop, so they are convinced that they can be spied on
  • those who believe that snooping through a laptop’s webcam is technically impossible
  • those who admit that surveillance is possible, but do not worry about it

On the Internet, the real facts of imperceptible surveillance through a webcam has not yet been described, except perhaps unconfirmed stories. An ESET survey showed that over 50% of users believe in the possibility of hacking a webcam of their laptop in order to spy on them.

But this is not all, several information leads give us a reason to think:

  • A story from a photo of Mark Zuckerberg, on which the camera and microphone of his computer are sealed with tape
  • Speech by FBI Director James Komi with a call to glue cameras on laptops.

Why did Mark Zuckerberg seal the laptop’s camera.

фото Марка Цукерберга

After posting this photo, users noticed that Mark had a webcam and a microphone taped, and the email client is the protected Thunderbird program. You can see this famous post at the link .

The FBI Director’s comment on the webcams of laptops.

In April 2016, in a speech to students FBI Director James Komi said about the following:

I saw something on the news, so I copied it. I stuck the tape – I have a personal laptop – I stuck the tape on top of the camera. Because I saw someone who is smarter than me and had a camera stuck on their laptop.

Later, on September 14, at one of the conferences he was asked – Is it true that he seals the cameras of his gadgets? To which James Komi replied about the following:

There are the right things to do and this is one of those. Go to any government office, and you will notice small cameras in the technique, which are closed with a special curtain. I think this is a great practice.

So, is it possible to seal the camera on a laptop?

As you probably already understood – you will have to make a choice yourself. It is also worth noting that a lot depends on the hardware you use – Apple MacBook users are much less likely to pick up any malicious software than Windows users. This is connected with the security of the operating system itself, as well as with the amount of malware for these systems (there are practically no viruses under Mac).

шторка на камеру ноутбука DontSpyFor those who do not want to stick the camera clumsily – with scotch tape, there is a more elegant solution – a special curtain DontSpy, it can be used on any device . Advantage over scotch – no need to peel and glue anything – the curtain can be opened and closed 🙂


Mention the problem of surveillance through a webcam in the movie.

Finally, for reflection, you would like to talk about the mention of surveillance via a webcam, followed by hard blackmail in the popular TV series “Black Mirror”. Be sure to look at the third series of the third season called “Shut up and dance” and maybe you will join the army of those who seal the webcam 🙂