Literary events in Kiev that every book lover must attend

Literary events in Kiev that every book lover must attend

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The modern literary process in Ukraine is gaining new momentum. This can indicate a variety of activities related to modern literature. They are visited by more and more people, both young and older, of various professions and interests. Within their framework, new names appear: authors, translators, publishers, critics.

Actually, there are new trends, which help various book festivals, forums, presentations and even literary evenings help to track down. We have compiled a selection of current events, which every book lover must attend.

International Festivals

Kyiv International Book Festival

The largest book festival in Ukraine is held every year, usually at the end of April – in May, in the premises of “Art Arsenal”. The next, eighth, festival should be expected in 2018.

This large-scale event gathers all famous Ukrainian writers, poets, critics, publishers. As part of the program – communication with foreign guests: authors, critics, managers, publishers who actively share experiences and communicate with the audience.

The scene is open, both for eminent authors, and for young. You can listen to interesting lectures, ask questions to famous people, take part in various art projects, master classes, and readings.

You can track the latest publications, see all the news from almost all current publishers who put their achievements on the shelves. The program is designed in such a way that it will be interesting both for children and adults, people with different interests will definitely find something for themselves there.


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One of the largest contemporary art festivals in Ukraine, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. It will take place very soon – September 7-17, 2017. In honor of the significant date, the organizers promise a bright, unforgettable program that will certainly be interesting for everyone.

Traditionally, the festival has a literary platform. Famous Russian writers and poets take the floor, present their new works, communicate with the audience. Very often they are involved not only in the list scene, but also on others – cinema, theater, music.

Visitors have the opportunity to talk with famous authors, visit poetic evenings, track new items, listen to lectures from famous and respected people in today’s literary process.

Medvіn Book Fair

Earlier, more popular, now Medvіn Fair has noticeably lost its position. Unlike previous festivals, its scale is not so large, and it is held several times a year. Last at the moment, took place on June 9-11, 2017, the next, probably, will take place in the fall of this year.

At the fair, you are waiting for news from many publishers, communication with modern well-known and young writers and poets, various literary events, as well as entertaining programs for children.


Recently, in the framework of the international music festival “AtlasWeekend”, literary events have been held. Fans of high-quality music and good books will be able to listen to the performances of famous Ukrainian poets, to communicate with them, to enjoy high-quality modern poetry.

Literary evenings and presentations

themselves. Most events are free, their announcement is published on the site of the store.

Smoloskyp Events

Smoloskyp is an authoritative Ukrainian publishing house, as well as a bookstore, which regularly hosts various contests, readings, and evenings. The publishing house itself has an interesting and long history, and today it is trying to keep its name, offering the modern reader high-quality text.

At various readings, lectures, presentations, you can learn about the novelties in the literary life of Kiev and Ukraine, talk with writers, find out the opinions of critics.

Poetry nights at Cupid

Coffee Cupid is not the first year is famous for its literary evenings, where young poets often like to gather. The institution supports various marathons, studios and litchechera, and active creative youth willingly demonstrate their creations. On its website you can find information about events.