“Manager’s syndrome”: how to stay healthy and successful?

“Manager’s syndrome”: how to stay healthy and successful?

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“Manager’s syndrome” or “burnout syndrome” is a chronic fatigue, exhaustion of physical and moral strength from overwork. It is worth noting that in the international classification of diseases this disease (if you can call it that, because it is rather a psychological problem) is not listed, but, nevertheless, its symptoms became frequent manifestations among the active population (that is, able-bodied people, as a rule, 20-50 years).


What are the symptoms of “manager’s syndrome”?

The most frequent complaints:

  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Lack of power;
  • Poor sleep, feeling of exhaustion even after sleep;
  • Frequent headache, indigestion;
  • Lack of interest in life, absent-mindedness;
  • Difficult to concentrate on work;
  • Passivity, depressive state;
  • Irritation on trifles;
  • The presence of negative emotions without their logical appearance (guilt, shame, resentment)
  • Anxiety (feeling worried, “something is going wrong”)
  • Indifference to the results of work;
  • Inability to perform the amount of work taken;
  • Closing in, reducing the amount of communication.

This list can be continued indefinitely, because each person has “his own” symptoms, which may be absent in other workaholics. As a rule, with a full examination (what to do, it’s necessary to exclude pathologies!), It turns out that you are almost completely healthy with possible small deviations.

Doctors often diagnose VSD and send it back home, sometimes leaving it for an easy medication. But the problem of neurasthenia (this is another name for the “symptom of the manager”) lies in the psychological aspects. Of course, the symptoms have a physical expression (tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), hypertension, etc.), but this is just a manifestation of your neurosis. Remove the cause – the symptoms will pass.

What causes the “manager symptom”?

Practically, the picture of your illness looks like this: you work like a horse, stay up late at work, take the volume of outstanding cases home, do not go to bed before one o’clock, work practically seven days a week, do not remember when you were on vacation, and if you did, do not feel cheerfulness. You constantly try to appear good in the eyes of the boss, colleagues, you are very worried about what they think of you, afraid to dirty your reputation, try to be the best in everything, compare the results of your work with other employees. In general, you are a typical perfectionist. We do not say that this trait has a negative connotation, but, as the proverb says, too much is not so good.

Schematically, your problem can be compared with an iceberg. That small part of it, which is visible on the surface, and there are symptoms, described above. But the reason is not at all in it. Of course, you can spend a week in the hospital and after a course of treatment, refresh yourself a little, but then again you dive into work and bring the body to exhaustion again. So you absolutely can not mock yourself!

It is necessary to reconsider their attitude to many things. And this is the whole difficulty, because it is not easy to change the principles that have been formed for a long time, it is not easy to learn how to refuse people, it is not easy to get courage and solve their problems, not hiding behind work and an evil boss. But first things first.

Inferiority Complex.

You work so much due to the fact that you are afraid to appear unsuccessful in the eyes of other people. You probably have a need to prove to everyone and everything that you are worth something. And you are ready to engage in self-affirmation at least your whole life. But only this affects the quality of being, respectively, you are wasting energy and not focusing on your own happiness. How can you call such a tortured person successful? After all, you are exactly this craving from others – recognition of your importance, but in fact most do not appreciate even the seventh part of your labors.

Often, complexes occur in childhood, when a child is constantly compared with a brother or sister, setting them as an example. The baby has the feeling that he must constantly do something to be loved. Simply put, the logic of his thoughts is: “If I get 2 at school, they won’t love me, if I get 12, they will.” In adulthood, such a complex has dire consequences. Consider, perhaps in childhood you were the victim of unreasonable criticism from parents, teachers, coaches?

How to remedy the situation?

Childhood, of course, does not return, but the future is in your hands. Take a vacation for at least a month. If you do not let go – take care, because you care first of all about yourself. Go to rest, giving yourself a promise not to think about anything, just enjoy life. After you restore harmony a little, think about what you would like to do, remember your childhood dreams. Maybe it is time to bring them to life, or at least translate them into a hobby?

Make yourself a plan of the working day, for this you will get acquainted with the basics of time management. Be sure to review your diet, enter physically load, observe a healthy sleep. Grasp these three tasks in the first place, excuses are not accepted. Ask your loved ones to control it, or make a public promise in social networks, so you can not jump from responsibility for the implementation of the plan.

Learn to say no to people, do not undertake overtime work, be sure to spend a day off actively (no tablets, televisions, except an hour or two). Go on nature or in the entertainment center with friends or family, and you will feel all the pleasures of life. Avoid frequent alcohol use.

Very good fruit brings the rule of learning something new. Every week, try something you haven’t done before. For example, go to make-up courses – for girls or to the shooting range – for men. See how quickly your circle of interests is expanding and even new acquaintances appear.

Be interesting and remember that you can never rely on the fact that you will be happy in the future (according to the logic of a typical workaholic-perfectionist when you earn some money, manage your business, solve all problems). You can only be happy today!