Movies that are better than books

Movies that are better than books

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Books and movies. Films and books. The eternal dispute between what is best. Usually debaters occupy one of the parties, in view of the order of familiarization with the work. Those who first read the book naturally do not tolerate any adaptation, while those who go to the cinema first consider the reading of the original to be boring and optional.

People who equally love both movies and books usually take a neutral position. Well, if objectively, in general, the book is a more complete and complete work, allowing to evaluate the idea of ​​the author. The adaptation, which may turn out to be brighter and more dynamic, conveys the message of the original well, but it will not be complete. In the screen time is simply impossible to put all the information.

But there are exceptions – for example, large canvases that almost literally cite the original, or adaptations of books that are devoid of the flaws of the original, but they better convey the emotional state of what is happening.

The list of screenshots that have bypassed the original books includes:

  • Harry Potter series;
  • Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson;
  • David Fincher Fight Club;
  • Sherlock Holmes in the British adaptation;
  • Financial downgrade game biopic.

Important: Despite the seemingly unbiased, editorial and compilation opinion, it is still a subjective opinion about the works. We do not pretend to the truth in the last resort. If you know more films that turned out to be better than books, or, on the contrary, you think that the films presented are not worthy of mention, write in the comments. We will gladly take an active part in your discussion.

Harry Loss Series

Here, many can argue. Not every film in the Harry Potter series turned out to be better than the original book source.

But if you look at 1-3 films, then the atmosphere of magic in them is much stronger than in the books themselves. In addition, the first two film versions, unlike books, do not look “strained children”. In general, we can say that books and films are on the same level.

But here, if you take the film “Deathly Hallows”, the situation is clearly not in favor of books. It was clear that Rowling, who had ceased to write the Dursley-Hogvars-Adventures template, crumpled the last part somewhat. Events move torn, and sometimes plot twists and does are an incredible set of circumstances.

Instead, the film gives a quieter, albeit a dynamic picture, there is no feeling of “randomness” of everything that happens, and in the second part, the emotional bar was raised to a new level, and free retreats and interpretations looked much more interesting than Rowling’s original idea.

The Lord of the Rings – Extended Edition

As for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, let the fans bite me, but the extended edition from Peter Jackson bypasses the work of Tolka (e) by.

First of all, the absence of allegories rushes to the events of the 39-45th year, which the entire novel of the professor is flashed. Secondly, wherever films are needed, they literally cite the work, but in places where the book sags, Jackson added dynamics, or changed the concept somewhat.

Important: This is only about the extended edition, as the theatrical version is full of inconsistencies and omissions.

Fight Club – David Fincher

If the previous examples of “film vs book” were rather controversial, then in the case of Chuck Palanik and his Fight Club.

The book initially covered the problems of “consumerism” in the United States at the end of the 20th century, it also had a small second bottom associated with the split personality of the main character. The very same book looked like a “moral”, and was quite lengthy and boring.

Thanks to the adaptation of Fincher, and a significant departure from the canons, the picture acquired new colors. Beginning from its multidimensionality, “behind the second bottom, there is a third, and behind it a fourth” and ambiguity “whether Helena Bonham Carter’s character is real, or is it another Jack’s personality,” and ending with the rate of narration.

Conan Doyle’s novels

Despite the fact that Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels about Sherlock Holmes is not customary to compare with screen versions, we will still do it. In particular, comparable with the British TV series from BBS. Yes, he is not perfect, but! ..

  1. Updates events. Despite the fact that Sherlock is loved in every country, he is gradually becoming obsolete, and it is quite possible that the fate of “Tom Sawyer” awaits him, which until the advent of Harry Potter was considered the main literature for children. Updating allows you to look at events from a different angle.
  2. Render deduction. It’s one thing to understand what Holmes is talking about in words, and it’s quite another to see how to really apply this method of reasoning.
  3. Great dynamics. It is thanks to the British TV series, many were able to get acquainted with the original.

And this is not the whole list of benefits.

Important: In the case of Holmes and the television series, the advantages described above relate exclusively to the first two seasons.

Narrow theme – “The game for the slide”

Everything is simple here – unlike the original, which focuses exclusively on a narrow audience of professional traders, the film went the other way, and almost every incomprehensible term is explained by an example close to real conditions. Whether it is hedging on the example of cooking, etc.

Because of this, the picture has become more widespread by ordinary viewers. And the explanation of the “global financial crisis” on the fingers, and does deserve a separate award.

And yet?

Despite the extensive list of screen versions, which largely bypass the original source, it will be better to get acquainted with the book versions before viewing the tapes.

In addition, as regrettable as it was, films that turned out to be better than books, this is rather an exception confirming the rule “the source is better than any interpretation.”