New team: how to become a person?

New team: how to become a person?

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Needless to say how important friendships are with colleagues. Just recall the indisputable theses:

  • Having a good relationship with colleagues makes it easier for you to solve work issues, there is someone to rely on in case of force majeure;
  • Work becomes more pleasant in a friendly atmosphere;
  • Career growth is provided not only by personal professional skills, but also by the ability to communicate with people who help you “climb up” (know how to find a common language – it means you can easily solve everyday issues – cooperate with colleagues – expect them to help – and get productive results of labor).


Do you know? – I know!

Always be aware of current events. If you are going to become part of a new team, make inquiries about the company itself, the specifics of its work, the contingent that works there. How? Very simple.

It is enough to know the names of some people to find their pages in social networks. From them you can learn (if lucky) information about other employees, joint photos. At a minimum, it can be concluded about the social activity of certain people, to find out their preferences.

For example , if you often see posts about football and are a fan of the game yourself, then you can start a conversation on this topic. Also, you may learn topics that you shouldn’t talk about at first with your colleague (for example, you can see the political preferences of your future partner for the same posts, and if they are different from yours, then you shouldn’t touch on this topic at all).

But, it is important! Do not draw conclusions until you meet the person in person. Very often, social networking pages are deceptive and provide only limited actual information.
Regarding the company itself, ask about its past, perhaps there were precedents or there were particular successes.

If you talk about it, then you definitely will not clap your ears, but will be able to engage in dialogue.

Do you speak the language of programmers?

If you go to a job whose field of activity is unfamiliar to you and you have not had experience in this industry yet, be sure to learn professional jargon. And then you can easily speak the same language with other workers.

A trivial example, if you don’t know what “deadline”, “soap”, “dzhipeg”, “buggy”, “ICQ”, “fill in”, “death screen” are, then you will torture everyone with your questions that may seem strange. Of course, even most non-programmers know these terms, but what about auto mechanics, brokerage houses, or insurance companies. Each industry speaks its own language.

Hit of the season.

What worries teachers and doctors now? Of course, reform, salary increase, innovation. If there comes a time when you need to fill the silence with something or continue the conversation, remember the hits of the season. How many percent there shares fell? How quickly will such a bill be passed? How much is the state planning to raise salaries? When will it be possible to follow the new rules? What is the dollar rate laid down in the state budget and how will this affect real estate prices? The list can be continued indefinitely.

What to read today?

Of course, to be aware of all the news, you need to be interested in them. Subscribe to relevant groups in social networks and watch the news every evening. So you will not only be sufficiently informed, but also possibly become the unofficial mouthpiece of all changes in the sphere of professional activity. And these people appreciate.

Also read professional literature, magazines, newspapers, specialized sites. In general – do not lag behind the world.

Shared Memories.

Good relationships are possible with people who have a story in common with you. Do not refuse trips to corporate parties or common dinners in cafes. It is in an informal setting that you can get to know each other better when the working room is not pressing.

It is on such general “meetings” that life stories are told, they share secrets, opinions, and jokes.
The more time you spend together, the more you will have shared memories. Just do not stand in the closet, but actively join the discussions. If you are going to passively watch the conversation of others, then you may not come. Sense of such “entertainment” zero.

We are friends.

Pay attention to your colleagues more often. Use the words “we”, “our”. In this way, you create a feeling of intimacy, as if you have known each other for many years. “We still have so much work to do,” “We will probably appreciate this innovation,” “Our project will be submitted for consideration,” etc.

Also do not forget to call the person by name. What may sound more pleasant than your own name? Of course, don’t do something like: “Ivan, let’s go for a smoke break. Ivan, where is the service exit? Ivan, how much do you work here? Ivan, do you like this job? ” Use the name 3-4 times a day, this is quite enough.

Ask for help.

Many people do not want to once again ask for help, for fear of appearing intrusive. But this is a big mistake. Ask for help, it will help you to be more “desired”, in the working sense of the word ☺. Let us explain why.

In psychology, there is the concept of “Adam’s complex.” Its essence lies in the fact that a person avoids those people who caused evil and, conversely, wants to be in the company of someone who has done something good as much as possible.

Again a trivial example. The student wrote the test and he knows that he made a lot of mistakes. Emu does not want to intersect with the teacher, perhaps a little awkward in front of her. And another situation, the student has written a test well and now the meeting with the teacher for him is a joy, he expects praise or a good look.

Now he even wants to see her.

The same happens with human actions. To whom we do well, we want to see those, because in them we have found the expression of our best qualities.

Another example, imagine that there are two people and yourself. One of them saved your life, and the other you saved a life. Who will you love more? Of course, who they themselves saved, despite the noble deed towards you by another person.

So do not be afraid to ask for help. Of course, do not go too far, but still know that people are pleased to see in you the embodiment of their good qualities.


Show sincere interest in others, and they will respond to you in return.