Open a business at 19 and become successful. Interview with Nariman Nuralin

Open a business at 19 and become successful. Interview with Nariman Nuralin

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Despite the difficulties, the printing services market in Kazakhstan shows steady growth in recent years. Many companies are fighting for the right to be number one, increasing production capacity, improving equipment and expanding the range of services provided.

Today we are interviewing Nariman Nuralin – CEOPrinting Naira – one of the most successful printing companies in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

Nariman, the printing business is very popular and as a result is very competitive. How did you get the idea to do it in 2006?

– I was 19 years old and I worked in the state and in parallel in a small private printing company, and when in these companies I was driven into frames, not allowing to realize my ideas, I decided to leave and create the printing art in which I could implement my innovative and creative ideas.

Naira printing

You started your business in 19 years. Few people start a serious business at this age, but even fewer those who manage to stay afloat and achieve success.

– I decided to take a chance because I love my business very much and my risk was justified. Business is always some difficulties and issues that constantly need to be addressed, and I really love to solve various issues.

One of the questions that usually interests everyone – where did you get the starting capital?

– Starting capital in my 19 years I took in the bank by writing my business plan.

You started your business with a friend, but then you continued your journey assole owner. If you were now based business would prefer to act independently? In other words – how difficult is it to have a business in shares with someone?


– When I started there were a lot of people who wanted to, but when they understood that a lot of money from the sky wasn’t getting enough to work for almost a day, I was left alone. When your companion does not interfere with you and does not set the framework then you can work, but if you are a generator of ideas and the companion sets the framework interfering with you, then it is better to be alone.

Your company “Naira” is one of the market leaders – what do you have to face in terms of competition? Are there cases of unfair competition?

– Competitors who work poorly and their only trump card is that a low price sooner or later begins to go bankrupt and at that time they start to panic, because of what they are ready for anything, so behave in bad faith and aggressively.

For example, at the very beginning, competitors tried to write anonymous fictional complaints to various authorities, thinking that they would close us, but we were very strong and sturdy!

It happens that competitors send people to our office who start scandals out of the blue and accuse us of nonsense, but we have become accustomed to this and have found a way to quickly put them in place.

Also, competitors openly write bad comments on the Internet about us, thereby disgracing themselves than us.

When you are strong in character and you have a lot of creative ideas, constantly developing your company, doing everything very high quality and expensive, you will definitely be the best.

polygraphy naira office

You have a pretty tight schedule. What time do you get up? Remainsся-time for sports, hobbies?

– We have everything clearly on schedule, we manage everything: sports, work, hobbies.

What tools do you use in your work? Favorite applications, devices?

– All the tools we use are our trade secret, sorry.

In conclusion – what can you advise aspiring entrepreneurs? What is your secret to success?

– Advice to all start-up entrepreneurs: do what you really like, do it with soul and at the highest level, act honestly, and be ready for the first 3-5 years to work for days and get very little if you want to earn more and more and more.


* All photos are taken from the personal archive of Nariman Nuralin and are provided to them personally.

** Answers to questions written with preservation of the author’s style