The most popular questions at the interview and the answers to them

The most popular questions at the interview and the answers to them

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For once in a person’s life, he is faced with the need to have an interview.

And if the work is considered prestigious and highly paid, then it is unrealistic to bypass a one-on-one conversation.

How to overcome the panic before the interview?

If you are still very young, and the upcoming interview is the first in life, or suffer from excessive timidity, then the following tips will be very useful to you. However, the “veterans” who spent more than one hour in a chair in a foreign office, and can write several volumes about the interior of each company, where they had to have long conversations with the employer, this information will not be redundant either.

So, if the interviews are very difficult for you, prepare for them. But now it’s not about issues, but about your moral readiness. Agree, if you are too nervous, then even the prepared answers will sound disingenuous and definitely unconvincing.

We advise you to go to several other offices before going to the interview where the desired workplace is at stake. Pass interviews in those companies that you are not going to work with. First, subconsciously, you will be more self-confident, because you are not at all interested in the outcome of the conversation, which means you will be able to notice all the details, understand the essence, “feel” the situation with your whole body and brain.

Secondly, get experience, and most importantly – get rid of fear, because after 5-6 interviews he disappears, and to meet with the desired employer you come confident and prepared.

In a healthy body healthy mind. Now that we have learned to calm the nerves and the body (fidgeting on a chair, fingering, lack of eye contact, etc., direct evidence of your inner uncertainty that cannot be hidden from an experienced personnel officer), it is time to move on to possible questions and answers to them.

Top questions from employers.

What is your forte?

If you have a similar question, turn off your own feelings and try to give an accurate, detailed answer, but without exaggeration. In other words, do not dedicate yourself to sing. And it is important to name the quality / quality that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. In other words, the personnel officer is unlikely to be impressed with the answer: “I have a developed imagination” if you want to be an accountant. What is the answer here? I have an analytical mind and something in this regard. It is advisable to back it up with facts. Sometimes a similar leading question sounds.

What is your biggest achievement?

It is here that you need to rely on facts, supported by figures. Over the past year I have had 7 successful transactions, which accounted for 10% of the company’s income. I introduced a regular column in the newspaper for two years and prepared about 100 analytical articles. An answer like “I successfully sold shares”, “I did many projects” and the like are not suitable. Need proof.

What is your most negative trait?

Is self-criticism not yours? Perhaps, but will have to delve into yourself. The employer wants to see your negative traits, it is important to answer frankly, but at the same time, without pulling out all the skeletons from the cabinet. Answer, but at the same time emphasize that you are ready to fight with your negative qualities. Just make sure that the positive outweighs the negative.
If you answer that you do not have negative traits, you will lie, and this will be true. Personnel officers are looking for people who know how to cope with their stress. And in general, do not be afraid to appear imperfect, fear to be unnatural. As one intelligent man said: “If you have no difficulties in life, check whether you have a pulse.”

Why do you want to work with us?

Immediately discard the answer: “Because you have a high salary.” Who needs a person who is not interested in the results of the work, but only in its blind performance? Take the trouble to find out more information about the company you are hiring for. Only 2 out of 10 applicants do, oddly enough.
Do not answer: “Because you are the best, because you have a high level, because you are famous …”. Again, beat the facts: “Because your company is in the top 5 in the ranking of such and such, and I appreciate the opportunity to develop; because I like the features of your company (we say which ones), etc.

What salary do you want to receive?

Before answering this question, you should be familiar with all the work duties, if this has not happened yet, tell the employer, and only after the details call the amount. If you do not show interest in the details, then you are only interested in the material side.

Why are you worth so much?

To say that you need money, you need to provide children, parents, pay interest on the loan, etc. very frivolous. And so it is clear that you need the money, otherwise you would not come for an interview, but would be somewhere on the way to the Maldives. Voice your previous salary (you can overstate it a little), refer to the fact that you need to perform more duties (if so), argue with average rates for your profile.

Tell me about yourself.

This trite question is one of the most difficult. It is not known what the employer wants to hear. As a rule, he is least interested in your personal life, except for general data (married / married, have children / no). Exactly exclude the story of how in childhood mother scolded you for a broken window and the like. Focus on professional activities. Also, you can specify what exactly the interlocutor wants to hear about personal or professional life.

Why did you leave the previous place?

Never muddy your former boss and colleagues. Otherwise, your potential boss will think that you and him can also be presented in a negative light. Refer to the desire to develop, say that the location, the schedule did not fit, the daily routine was tired, the lack of good working equipment. About the salary not a word.