Video poetry: what is it and how is it exciting? Visual arts in Ukraine, events

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Shot from the series of video poetry “Dolajuchi Tishu” from the creative group “Shogla”

Very soon, in Kiev, November 25-26, 2017, the sixth video-poetical festival “ CYCLOP” will take place. Video poetry, this genre, or wave, or direction (even the authors themselves cannot give a clear definition) appeared relatively recently, and in recent years it has become increasingly popular.

What is video poetry, and how does it attract us?

As we have said, there is no clear definition of this phenomenon. After all, this is a synthesis of poetry, performance, acting, video. This is a verse that makes up a whole with the video. And it will not be a clip, shot for the work, it is not a mini-film, for which the text will be a script.

The task of video filming is to reveal all the facets of a poetic work, to enable it to understand more deeply, to place accents correctly, to single out the leading images.

Cinema depicts the external, that is what the characters do, what they say. And what is inside them, what they think, what they feel, the viewer already guesses. Video for video poetry is a display of what is inside, this is a free flow of associations to a work that can be perceived by each viewer differently.

Combining several types of art in one work, in one such form, enhances the impression and aesthetic pleasure, because we get it not only from the text, but also from the beautiful graphics, from the acting, from the unusual design. Therefore, video poetry is unambiguously promising and relevant.

Visual poetry: a bit of history

Video poetry is a relatively new, modern form of visual poetry. But before it appeared, there were several other ways to visualize a verse.

This is primarily due to the many literary experiments at the beginning of the last century. In foreign poetry, this is, for example, Guillaume Apollinaire with his calligrams – famous poems, written in the form of a drawing, which makes the necessary accents and helps to plunge deeper into the content of the text. These are the creative experiments of Valery Bryusov, with his poems-figures. This is Andrei Bely, Vasily Kamensky and other authors of Russian classics.

Каллиграммы Гийома Апполлинера

In Ukraine, such experiments are known from the Baroque era. This is Simeon of Polotsk, who dedicated his poetic praise to the family of the Moscow Tsar, in the form of a heart.

The famous poem of Simeon of Polotsk in the shape of a heart

This is Ivan Velichkovsky, who created a whole collection of visual texts in the form of onograms, various geometric figures, and labyrinths. And this is all – XVII century.

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary Ivan Velichkovsky in the shape of a triangle

At the beginning of the twentieth century, interest in visual experiments with texts was revived. This is the work of futurist Mikhail Semyon, who created the texts in the form of geometric figures or entered them into drawings-posters. His famous collections Kablepoema Over the Ocean (1921) and My Mosaic (1922) reflect the creative search of the author.

Pages from the edition of M. Semenk “Kablepoems over the ocean” (1921)

In our time, Victor Zhenchik, Nikolai Miroshnichenko, Anatoly Moisiyenko and other writers turn to graphic poetry.

But time demanded new experiments, and videographic poetry became such an experiment. It has recently become actively gaining popularity in Ukraine – literally 1-2 years ago. There are many projects that are worth talking about, and in November each year an international festival of video poetry CYCLOP is held.


New projects: what to see and what to enjoy?


Many authors prefer to publish video poetry in cycles.

For example, a very interesting and easy to perceive is the cycle of video poetry “Beztіlesnі Kohantsі”, filmed by Natalia Ilchuk, on the works of Ostap Slivinsky. This is just a vivid example of the fact that the video complements the text, revealing it, adding new edges to it, and not just repeating it. The ease of the associative series does not create difficulties in perception, the text is perceived pleasantly, with aesthetic pleasure.

One of the newest for today is the video project of the creative group “Shogla”, called “Dolajuchi Tishu”. This is a cycle of video poetry of 5 authors: Darina Gladun, Lesik Panasyuk, Ella Yevtushenko, Taras Malkovich and Bogdan-Oleg Gorobchuk. This is a sample of new, artistically high-quality video poetry, at all levels: both visual and textual. A unique look at silence, at the voice and at the water element. You can tell a lot, look better.

VI фестиваль видеопоэзии CYCLOP: 25-26.11.2017

This month, the international festival of video poetry CYCLOP will be held in Kiev. His guests are awaited by lectures and master classes on the creation of video-poetic works: video editing, filming, features and problems of visualizing poems.

The latest samples of video poetry, created according to the texts of modern Ukrainian and foreign poets, will be shown.

Within the framework of the event, the awarding ceremony for the winners of the video poetry contest will take place. Also, viewers will have the opportunity to choose the author who will receive the audience award.

Consequently, the festival expects a lot of interesting events, which will be interesting for everyone: people with different interests and tastes, children and adults.