What is a “comfort zone” and how is it dangerous?

What is a “comfort zone” and how is it dangerous?

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You have heard this phrase many times already, but hardly ever thought about what it is.


The comfort zone is …

The comfort zone is your usual lifestyle, which is characterized by performing the same actions every day, with the same mindset over the years. In short, if it is impossible to find at least one or several differences from the “scenario” of holding 31 days in a row, then you live in your comfort zone and never leave it.

In principle, millions of people do not leave their comfort zone for years, live and live life without seeing all its colors. This is more typical of post-Soviet countries, where residents are accustomed to stability and strive for it. For example, in the issue of housing. You can draw parallels with Canada. A large percentage of its citizens live in rented houses and do not see anything terrible in this, whereas a person with Slavic blood probably cannot relax and enjoy life without having his own nest. Of course, one should not forget about the financial situation of people in various countries, but still, leaving many people from the comfort zone, especially those who grew up in the USSR, is an extremely complicated and incomprehensible procedure, especially in psychological terms.

Why go out of the comfort zone at all?

Surely you ask and add: “I have a good job, business, apartment / house. I do not want to change anything. I have a stable life. ” Of course, many people strive precisely for stability, when, as we used to say: there is confidence in the future.

But think for a moment. And are you happy, do you like your work, even if it brings good income, how often do you spend time with your beloved / beloved, children or maybe, as always, you don’t have enough time, and you postpone it for later: I’ll still have time !? You may answer that I am satisfied with everything and have enough time for everyone, but then recheck yourself and ask the same thing in your second half, with your parents, if you are not married yet, with children: would they like to spend more time with you, Would they like to live a little bit differently?

The comfort zone slows down not only in personal life, but also at work. Perhaps you have always dreamed of a different workplace, a different salary, and other perspectives, but you were so stuck with a chewing gum called “stability” to the chair of your work that you are ready to spend your whole life at the unloved table, afraid of losing it.

Or maybe you always dreamed of going on a trip, learning how to ski? But all your activity in this area is limited only by the likeing of such posts in instagram, when you dream about it in your depths, but you are afraid to break out of this zone, where you are provided with the minimum life joys, and you live your life, but do not live! “What a poetic nonsense!” – many will say at this place and prepare to fold the page, but …

People just do not understand how different and rich their lives could be if they had the courage to cross the boundaries set by themselves. The difficulty is that, only once outside of his normal life, a person begins to understand how boring he lived. But to get there, you need to get out of your comfort zone. A vicious circle is obtained.

Let’s give an example. Imagine a bunker with thick walls that no one can penetrate. Inside there is food, light, heat. You can sleep, have all the amenities, even TV. Those who live in this “capsule” consider themselves protected. And this is true, but if they looked out of it, they would see a blue sky, a warm sun, a beautiful summer day and feel a gust of fresh wind. But why do they need all this, because they also have light, you will think that it is artificial.

Understand the metaphor: who are these people inside and what is a bunker? Of course, people are you, and the bunker is your comfort zone.

Signs of life in the comfort zone

  • Analyze your past month: how many times have you thought about changing something – in any sphere? Whether it is in the desire to quit smoking and go in for sports, in buying a new car, in changing your image, in wanting to take a vacation, start learning a foreign language, even reading your favorite book?
  • How often have you thought that you “are all” (work, life, monotony) already enough?
  • How often did you think of your acquaintances in a similar way: “what a fine fellow” when he achieved something that you also wanted to have, but you didn’t?
  • How often have you been drawn to do something: knitting, cycling, fishing, going to the skating rink, painting, riding a quad bike, just relaxing in nature?
  • Your most common phrase: it would be good, but …?
  • And the main question: how often do you put off all the joys until later, having “more important things” in the foreground?

If all of the above concerns you, then we can “congratulate” you – you will not leave your comfort zone.

How dangerous is the comfort zone?

The comfort zone does not bear any danger to your life, on the contrary, you make it safer. You are “just” wasting your days and nothing more.

Let’s look at what you are limiting, for fear of leaving your comfortable life:

  • Talents and mental abilities. Surely, you deserve a better opportunity to apply skills, but you are afraid of being out of work and therefore do not look for anything more promising.
  • Health. If we spent more time on ourselves, played sports, walked more often, went to the pool, then we would live healthier. But often it turns out that way: I suffer from neurasthenia, but I don’t have time for sports, I have to run and earn money — I earned it, well done — I feel bad, I need to see a doctor — a lot of drugs have been assigned — I have spent my entire salary. An example is somewhat exaggerated, but agree that there is some truth in it
  • Hobby. How many interesting days, meetings, acquaintances, conversations you omit, not finding time for what interests you.
  • Happiness. A person who is grumbling, always dissatisfied with himself and the world, doesn’t look like a happy one. And how can he be like that if he has the potential and inner desire for more, but he put himself in a voluntary conclusion and now he is waiting for someone, like in the fairy tale about the princess in the tower, to come to rescue him on that very day called “then”? But the door is open and there is no dragon. The prisoner does not want out of the fortress.


How to get out of your comfort zone?

If you still decide to change your life and do something for yourself, then our congratulations!

First of all, you need patience, as well as a great desire to act. You will be stopped by laziness, old habits, but the strength of the desire for change should be above all this. Only then you will succeed.

  • Make a list of what you would like to change. Arrange the goals in order of increasing complexity of their execution. Start with the easiest and gradually conquer new peaks.
  • Surround yourself with people stronger than you. Stronger not in the meaning of physical strength, but in terms of how they are implemented in the area, which you glanced at. Want to build muscle? Run in the hall, meet regular customers, ask their advice. Find a partner to go to workouts.
  • Sometimes remember those who have already achieved their goals. Think about what happened in this person, and so can you.
  • Keep a record of your achievements. For example, take a drawing paper and every time you have achieved something, cling to it a photo with your happy smile at the first lesson from driving, for example, or tickets to the city you dreamed of visiting and visiting. Regularly update a sheet of paper. The best motivation is your own success!