What to read the smallest, or the top 5 books in English for children

What to read the smallest, or the top 5 books in English for children

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Reading books for children in English can perform several tasks at once: to develop certain language skills, to motivate to learn English, to bring aesthetic pleasure, to develop culturally, to educate. To your attention – the top 5 books in English for children.

5 children’s books to read in English

When learning a foreign language in primary school, children very often face difficulties in not understanding the subject. At this age, it is still difficult to explain to a child why he needs English if everyone speaks his native language around. With a boring scientific presentation, it is still difficult for him to understand that a language is a whole system, with its own rules, codes, and fundamentals.
The book plays an important role in the motivation of the baby:
• He begins to put the language into practice, which already denies the futility of learning it;
• He is pleased to learn from a bright, beautiful, entertaining book.
By the way, this is why it is better to offer the kinder a printed book: it is bright, pleasant, with pictures. She is interesting for the game, she motivates and simultaneously teaches.

“My First Word Book”, от Usborne

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

If your baby is just starting to get acquainted with English, it will be just a universal solution. This book from the famous Usborne publisher is often recommended for children of preschool and early school age. This is the very beginning: there is no literary work as such. These are just 270 popular and easy words, illustrated with funny pictures that are easy to remember.
The vocabulary is divided into themes: “Homes”, “Animals”, “Our Body” and others, which makes words even easier to master.
For your information, this publisher offers a wide series of similar books, for example, Big Book of English Words, Alphabet picture book, Big Book of Big Dinosaurs, My Very First Art and others. They require a little more knowledge, but are quite easily absorbed by children at pre- and school age.

“The Cat in the Hat”, Dr. Seuss

“The Cat in the Hat” is one of the most famous books of the American children’s author Dr. Seuss. The history of the writing of the work is very interesting: a well-known publishing house turned to the writer with a request to write a text that would consist of only 250 of the most used words. Dr. Suze accepted the “quest” and successfully fulfilled it and exceeded it: there are only 220 words in the book.
This is an entertaining story about the boy Nick and his little sister Sally and their fish. Suddenly a huge cat with a hat comes to them and offers a game, and interesting adventures await the heroes.
The plot is very simple, the vocabulary is really matched brilliantly. The book was a great success, and the author wrote a few more sequels: “The Cat in the Hat Returns”, “The Cat’s Space Journey in the Hat” and others.

Publisher: Random House

ABC, by Erick Karl

Publisher: Grossett & Dunlap

The merry alphabet of Eric Karl is liked by many children around the world. This is not only an alphabet with beautiful, entertaining illustrations, but also a basic vocabulary based on surrounding objects. This contributes to immersion in the language, which is very important for the effectiveness of its memorization.

“Blueberries for Sal”, Robert McCloskey

This is not just a book – it is a set of beautiful illustrations, created by the author himself, in soothing blue and yellow colors. There is not much text here: the story of little girl Sell and her mother is told, as they went to collect blueberries for the winter.
Easy for perception by kids, this book, thanks to its “picture” fullness, brings to the young reader a lot of aesthetic pleasure.

Publisher: Viking Press

“The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, Beatrix Potter

If your child shows the first successes in mastering basic English words, introduce him to the series of books by Beatrice Potter, about Peter the Rabbit and his family. This is a very cute and interesting adventures of a little rabbit, with touching illustrations. It is very famous all over the world, ideal for primary school students (6-7 years old), written in easy to read and understand children.

Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co

These are the most elementary, touching and entertaining books, easy to understand and incredibly useful for the development of the smallest.