Why is it important to learn from failures to succeed in life?

Why is it important to learn from failures to succeed in life?

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In searching for information on self-development, we analyzed dozens of quite popular sources, studied hundreds of reviews and books of successful people who managed to succeed in life. Based on this, we have selected for you a selection of the most powerful reasons and motivating factors that explain the role of failures in the life of every successful person.

Fail – a good reason to try again, only with great enthusiasm

If you try to follow successful people all your life, constantly learn from their books, and also study hundreds of companies whose business has become popular all over the world, then your picture of the world will be incomplete. There is one wise enough advice: you need to try to study the history of companies not only at the time of their quick financial offerings, but also when such firms have just begun their existence. Studying the history of projects in detail from the point of view of “how not to do it”, you will gradually gain precious experience and find out what important points were missed and how many attempts were made before you to realize your plans. It is important to understand that such valuable information is not always in the beautifully written autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs.

Fail - a good reason to try again, only with great enthusiasm

What is the main mistake of modern society?

The main mistake 99% of people who want to succeed: they do not study the history of successful projects, do not know the correct sequence of actions and have no idea what mistakes were made by these companies at the beginning of their development. People also do not study whether there were in the history of success of such companies spontaneous and stupid decisions, which today are disclosed as ingenious and correct.

Not knowing a clear earnings strategy in a particular business sector, we begin to delve into the history of rich people, sign up for expensive paid trainings, consult with successful businessmen and listen to their colorful stories. And according to statistics, 85-90% of startups fail, and 95% of Forex traders lose, losing their invested money. It is important to understand that only a few have achieved at least some significant results in sports. At the same time, few people speak about mistakes of losers, it is not written about this in newspapers and business reviews, which is a common misconception.

If you pay attention to all the world-famous men and women, then you will notice one very interesting fact – they had failures, and they tolerated them very often. For example, the world-famous businessman Henry Ford, constantly suffered failures of various kinds, therefore his quotation became known: “Failure is an opportunity to start again and act more rationally.”

What is the main mistake of modern society?

The formula for success of rich people

Today you can find popular success stories of 2 successful projects: Apple and Facebook. The percentage of purchases of various books, trainings, and other materials in this area is simply off scale. Their schemes of action are trying to repeat thousands of people around the world, but often, this method of achieving their goals simply does not work. It may sound strange, but in most cases, the success formula for successful people is their luck. After all, almost all of them say that much in their success is a matter of chance, the help of other people or a move made on time.

If you want to succeed by creating your own project, try to study in detail the history of successful global projects. Get acquainted with the sequence of actions in detail, make sure that it does not look strange, whether it does not look like a series of not interrelated decisions.

Great benefit for your development and experience, will bring detailed acquaintance with projects that began their journey at the same time with the world-famous. Find out why they failed, at what stage they left the race and how many such projects existed. In cases where a person tries to repeat the success of a popular entrepreneur, he very rarely accepts the fact that this simple path is in reality only an entrepreneur. In reality, a person, everything is quite different, so during this process many important factors that can affect the final result are not taken into account. Therefore, you should always analyze the circumstances of your life, because there is no need to blindly follow the path of other people.

Rich people success formula

10 reasons for failures that everyone should know about:

In life, it simply cannot be that we do not constantly encounter many problems that stand in the way of our success. But how to effectively deal with them and prevent their occurrence? – an interesting question that we will try to answer today:

  1. Lack of perseverance . We decided to place this problem in the first place of our today’s HIT – parade of reasons for failures. It is the most common mistake made by novice entrepreneurs today. To avoid this, you do not need to wait for someone to do something for you, solve the problem without your participation, and find new opportunities. Always take the initiative and try to solve all your problems at once, without the help of others. This is the only way you can achieve real success;
  2. Self-doubt . Try to quickly get rid of self-doubt. After all, this factor can pull you down, do not give to take an important step, to do something bold and promising right now. You should not make hasty conclusions, condemning yourself to predicted failure, unless you really try to do it;
  3. Lack of enthusiasm . It is always worth remembering a very important rule – you should be liking what you are doing and what you are striving for. If you move to the goal through force, then simply do not expect any positive effect;
  4. Lack of self-discipline . It is important to learn to control 2 of their main emotions: anger and laziness. If you learn to deal with them, the result will not be long in coming;
  5. Lack of specific life positions and goals . The most common mistake – the person decided that to go with the flow, while not doing anything – much easier than trying to reach new peaks. To solve this problem, just set goals for yourself, write them down on paper and slowly but surely walk towards them. You will succeed.
  6. Lack of ambition . In order to get a visible result, it is important to work hard on it for a long time. If a person has an opinion that he has a bad fate, luck, and he is only a part of the crowd, then he simply has no chance to achieve something in life. Only successful people are always persistent, have strong ambitions and always achieve their goals.
  7. Permanent pessimism . You will never reach your goal if you are ill-disposed and do not believe in yourself and your strength. In order to achieve success, just believe in yourself and you will certainly succeed, we are sure of it!;
  8. Fearing criticism or refusal . It is important to learn one simple rule: mistakes in the life of every person are simply inevitable. Successful people are also mistaken, but they continue to move boldly towards the desired, not paying attention to the opinions of others. You yourself must decide your destiny, but by no means listen to the opinion of outsiders;
  9. Lack of clarification of attention to your goal . In cases where the goal is confidently created, you should clearly see the future result from it that you would like to achieve.
  10. Concludes our HIT – parade of reasons for failures – delay . In order to avoid it, just learn not to postpone for later the things that can be done right now. It is important to set all priorities correctly.

10 reasons for failures that everyone should know about

Failure as an effective tool on the road to success

In order to try to prevent the emergence of all kinds of failures in the future, it is important to analyze the latter well, while answering these 5 important questions:
How much are you to blame for the appearance of this failure?

  • How are you to blame for this failure?
  • What reasons triggered your failure?
  • What are the steps you need to go to avoid failure in the future?
  • How can you take this failure to turn into long-awaited success?
  • What do you need to do daily to make the new attempt more reasonable?

Failure as an effective tool on the road to success