Why is it important to think positively?

Why is it important to think positively?

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To understand this question, you first need to figure out how positive thinking is different from negative. If, at first glance, everything is simple and logical, then you are mistaken. Very often, people who consider themselves optimists have all the signs of those who think more negatively. And so, what is the main difference?


Positive and negative thinking in practice

One answer, but a different outcome

A person in many respects is not aware of exactly what thoughts in his head he scrolls. Give an example. Take the work of the American psychologist Gela Arkowitz “Behavioral signs of social behavior in men.” In this case, we are not interested in the whole essence of his work, namely, one experiment, on the results of which the scientist relied in some conclusions. Two types of men were selected: self-confident and self-reliant; and the second group – shy, pessimistic personalities. Representatives of both groups were asked to invite the girl to dance, women were warned that they need to refuse. And that’s what happened: a group of self-confident men, having been refused, took it as a statement of fact. Gentlemen joked or answered something like: “Let’s sit down then.” And what did the pessimists do? They interpreted the refusal to dance as a girl’s unwillingness to communicate at all. They mentally put an end and, mumbling: “aa, well, well,” slowly retreated. We have two identical situations, but a polar different attitude towards them. Positive thinking in the first variant and negative in the second.

Nature has no bad weather

Another life example. Imagine that you are late for an important meeting, and the city is in traffic jams. A person with an optimistic type of thinking warn colleagues about the delay and will spend time looking at the papers, preparing the project, some other actions related to the work, making the most efficient use of time. The pessimist will begin to grumble, acting on the nerves of all the passengers of the car, interpret the traffic jam as one more failure per day and that he is a loser at all, he is constantly unlucky, he hurries everywhere, works like a squirrel in a wheel, and his work is not appreciated … etc. As a result, this person, being on nerves, is hardly capable of fruitful work during the day. You can say that the experiences are fully justified, because an important meeting may be in jeopardy. It is possible, but why be angry, to wind myself up, if the car does not go faster from these negative emotions, time does not stop, does not wait? Only you yourself will suffer and no one else. People do not protest against the rain, they just take an umbrella, because they know that they can’t change their circumstances. We can only adapt. Imagine a man who slanders bad weather and blames her for all the troubles. You think he’s crazy, right?

A few words about the materialization

Now for the theory. The human brain is able to work on solving some problems subconsciously. So, if you shoot events that are very similar to those that were during the day, it means that your brain, while you were sleeping, scrolled through these circumstances, depending on the phase of sleep. How often did you forget some information, be it a person’s name, apartment number or song name, and after a few hours did you remember, without specifically focusing on it? The brain, like a sponge, absorbs everything that you think, and especially what you repeat repeatedly. If you hit yourself in the head: “I can’t do it,” then you are really blundering. If you sincerely believe in the best, it will be so, because the mind is actively working on the successful solution of the problem and sets a goal to fulfill it.

Not a thought, but a deed

But do not rely on the materialization of all your desires. How many people can think of a new apartment, happy relationship or career growth for years, but only a part of them is able to transfer a beautiful picture of life from imagination to reality. Now it is very fashionable to have a materialization board. The developers promise: put all your dreams on it in the form of pictures (car, trip abroad, etc.), hang the board in front of your eyes and wait for a miracle! But miracles do not happen. You can spend a year in the room, looking at the picture with a magnificent view from the hotel window, but only in reality you will all be sitting in your apartment, and from the window of your house you will not see the high cliffs on the seashore, but the usual noisy street or refueling. Not a single person has yet calibrated a yacht or apartment for himself with the power of thought alone. Remember that you need positive thinking so that you do not go astray. It is like a metaphor. Imagine a beautiful walkway laid with paving stones. You walk along it at dusk, but you don’t see anything, you already doubt whether to go further, but the lights turn on and light up your path. And you go further. Lanterns and their light – this is a positive thinking, but it only directs, shows that there is a way further. True to go further, you need to take a step, and only you and no one else can do it. The choice is yours!