Why trainings, seminars and webinars are evil

Why trainings, seminars and webinars are evil

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Fear of expensive seminars

90% of all trainings and seminars do not reveal what they promise in their announcements and posters. Listen to the headlines: “Increase your profit by 300 percent tomorrow,” “Triple the number of sales in 7 days.”

I can already imagine how the state of emergency from the radio market goes to the training “Promote your site in the TOP-3 yourself!” hoping to press a Rosette there for “buy an iPhone”. You do not think that all this is serious? Wake up – no one will mess with you, considering that you are one of 50-250 people in the hall. All that you get is a common truth spread over several hours of your time, well-flavored with water and speaker success stories (which they most often call “cases”).

Fear free webinars and cheap training even more

I think everyone understands why cheap (or even more free) seminars and webinars are being made – to sell you a paid seminar or training. There are no other goals, nor can there be. Do you really believe that a person in a suit on the other side of the camera will spend his time to make the world a better place? It is still neglected here – for 1-3 hours you will be treated by pouring water over anything, periodically inserting the phrase “we will talk more about this in our training next week.”

When it is worth paying for a training, seminar or workshop

There are only two options when studying for money is worth it:

  1. If you are a complete zero in any direction and you do not expect that after the seminar you will know everything. Learn the basics of any direction you really can. It is the basics that any business consultant will open to you with pleasure and nothing more. If you already know the basics, just don’t waste time and money.
  2. If this is a specific workshop on a specific topic or product, where you will be accurately shown and told how to do something or use something in practice. It really can be useful.

The coach is our man!

These 20+ summer ruddy guys in suits will surely take your business to a new level, increase sales and share with you the secrets of successful business based on their many years of experience and successful cases. You never dreamed of how easy it is to overcome the difficulties of the transition period in your business with the help of a 20-year-old coach, solve problems with staff and turnover, learn financial accounting and planning, build a successful sales department. Ask the coach – they know everything!

Alternative to paid seminars?

I think the answer is obvious. Google as much as possible and deeper. Believe me, almost everything you hear for the money at the training has long been posted online in the form of video, audio and text with pictures. Everything is there – absolutely everything you may need in order to assimilate the information you need at least at the same level that you hear at a training session or seminar, being absolutely zero in the topic. Go to the forums, youtube, podcasts and absorb the information you need. And most importantly – it’s free!

Only practice, only hardcore.

Banal truth, but this is so – the practice will help better than any coach. For whatever workshop or seminar you go, it will not replace what you experience in real conditions. Take the problem and look for ways to solve it, applying it in real life. Doing even small steps, you will notice, as it seemed, the overwhelming business would finally have moved.

And since you’ve read it to the end, just think about it – just another “expert” you don’t know told you why you need to do this and not another way — so always filter the information!