They called you for winter fishing – what to take and how to dress?

They called you for winter fishing – what to take and how to dress?

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Well, soon the cold and it seems not season for fishing, but from year to year on the ice we see people from morning to evening drilling holes and pulling fish out of these holes 🙂 How to become one of them? What is required? We are telling!


The main types of winter fishing.

  • On the mormyshka / float (Use the mormyshka or a normal hook, using a float or a nod. As a nozzle use moth / maggots, semolina / corn).
  • Catching without bloodworms (special non-mossy jigs come into play, without any attachments)
  • At the zherlitsu (live bait)
  • On a spoon (for winter fishing there are special spinners)

What is needed for winter fishing from things.

How to get ready for winter fishing
So, here is a short list of the minimum necessary for winter fishing:

  • Proper clothes (thermal underwear, winter boots, warm suit, thermal socks, hat and so on)
  • Ice ax (making holes), Scoop (clearing the hole of ice),
  • Hook (well, suddenly something decent will fall).
  • Scoop (clear ice from the hole)
  • A box (we fold everything into it and sit on it)
  • Thermos (nowhere without it), we don’t recommend taking alcohol with us!

At all about everything you need no more than $ 100 (not counting the clothes of course).

What’s next?

We find an experienced companion. Yes, unfortunately the chances of self-mastering winter fishing are reduced to nothing without a more experienced comrade. If you are lucky – you can get comfortable in a special tent for winter fishing (yes, there are those!).

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