Work at home – life hacking

Work at home – life hacking

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Today is not 2012 anymore. So the debate about where it is better to work – at home or in the office, has long been without any motivation. For some professions, better office stay. More creative professions require a freelancer to stay at home.

As practice shows, even Valve and Google provide opportunities for their programmers to work at home. However, is it good or bad?

It all depends solely on the person. Someone comfortable with constant communication with other employees, and someone may be an owl, and can fruitfully write accounting reports only at night.

The debate goes on and on. Homework is not a separate profession, but simply a separate way of organizing work. But there is another question. What is the best way to work at home?

Freelance home

What prevents ideal labor?

It would seem that here it is home! Sit yourself on the couch, drink tea and work. But it was not there. There are a lot of distractions at home, each of which can disrupt your work plan.

This and:

  • Home care (take out the trash, go to the store, etc.)
  • Finding close ones that require attention;
  • Procrastination and laziness. After all, you can do the work not now, but in an hour. And my free time will be devoted to a new computer game, or simply nothing to do, having rested and sleeping off.

Of course, every freelancer and outsourcer faces all of these factors. And let’s be honest, at the beginning of his career – every person, no matter how hardworking he is at other times, succumbs to temptations.

And as a rule, because of this, the workflow suffers, and as a result, possible salary.

But how to organize your workflow in such a way that nothing distracts and your productivity is higher?

So how?

The first thing that a person who decides to work independently and at home needs to do is organize their own working day. No one forces you to sit around the monitor from 9 to 6. For there are a lot of distractions. However, first you need to organize your attention in such a way that you can concentrate and devote a continuous hour to work. This is quite difficult to do, but you can use the techniques of Pomodoro, or 3 + 2.

The second is the right attitude. If you are engaged in freelancing, you should understand that in this case you are only responsible to yourself. But when you take on the order, you actually have a director at this time, to whom you report on the work done. The people who ordered your work, unlike office managers, really expect you to do it, and it is really needed.

If you are a copywriter, a person is waiting for a commercial offer from you, with which he can then speak at a conference. If a programmer, then the work of the whole plant may depend on your efforts. Awareness of this factor. Turns your work from meaningless key tapping into a truly important process.

Finite … or no?

In fact, all the systems for managing your own schedule, and other tips are just tricks. Yes, they help to set up a person in a working manner, but if you cannot overcome your laziness, then we will not be able to do it for you.

And the most important thing to understand is the person who decided to leave the office and start working at home is the fact that despite all the indulgences that work with a free schedule allows you to realize, it is much harder.

At least for the reasons that you both work and relax in the same place, and because of this you can not always switch between these processes.

In addition, you can periodically experience pressure from relatives who do not fully understand that homework is no easier than the one you did before in the office.


Poetomu, organizatsiya rabochego protsessa dolzhna sostoyat’ iz dvukh glavnykh faktorov:

  1. Perebaryvaniye sobstvennoy leni;
  2. Ob”yasneniye blizkim, chto v tot moment, kogda vy rabotayete – vas «doma net»!


Yest’, konechno i obratnaya storona vsego rabochego protsessa. Eto kogda vy s golovoy pogruzhayetes’ v rabotu, i fakticheski otsutstvuyete doma sutkami, pri etom fizicheski nakhodyas’ tam. Ne zabyvayte o tom, chto ryadom s vami yest’ lyudi, s kotorymi tozhe nuzhno obshchat’sya, i udelyat’ im svoye vremya. Ne zabyvayte lozhit’sya spat’ vecherom, a prosypat’sya utrom. Ved’ krome prochego, eto pozvolyayet lovit’ khoroshikh zakazchikov, kotoryye otnyud’ ne vse sovy.

Nu i samoye glavnoye – ne zabyvayte vykhodit’ na ulitsu i sledit’ za soboy. Ved’ rabota, eto vsego lish’ sredstvo, zachastuyu dlya dostizheniya opredelennykh tseley.
Therefore, the organization of the workflow should consist of two main factors:

  1. Re-baring your own laziness;
  2. Explanation to your loved ones that the moment you work, you are “not at home”!


There is, of course, the reverse side of the entire workflow. This is when you are immersed in your work, and in fact you are absent at home for days, while being physically there. Do not forget that there are people near you with whom you also need to communicate, and devote your time to them. Do not forget to go to bed in the evening and wake up in the morning. After all, among other things, it allows you to catch good customers, who are not all owls.

And most importantly – do not forget to go out and look after yourself. After all, work is only a means, often to achieve certain goals.