WSF Poker Tour. Interview with the director of the series – Alexander Soshin.

WSF Poker Tour. Interview with the director of the series – Alexander Soshin.

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Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet. Millions of fans of this game from all over the world fight each other daily in poker hands. Someone at the virtual tables, well, someone is experiencing good luck offline, in poker clubs and casinos.

For those who are not poker lovers, we note that, unlike many casino games, poker is not a game of pure chance (although it certainly is also a game). In poker, the symbiosis of mathematics, psychology and luck prevails.

In addition to the fans, who play from time to time, which is called “for the soul”, there is also a caste of professional players who earn their own poker money.

Some of them prefer to play only cash-games (games for real money), some participate only in tournament types of poker (where all players make a small entry fee and receive a certain number of chips, which they then play knockout, and divide the prize between in proportion to the places the players are the last to drop out of the game).

It is tournament poker in the CIS countries that is considered sport. About him and will be discussed further. And we will talk about it with the director of the main in Ukraine poker series WSF Poker Tour WSF Poker Tour – Alexander Soshin.

Alexander, poker in the CIS is gaining momentum, and Ukraine in this regard is not lagging behind, in spite of all the obstacles that are encountered on the way in the form of legislative inconsistencies and a negative attitude of the authorities towards him. How reasonable is your attitude towards poker?

– It’s impossible to say unequivocally that the authorities have a negative attitude towards poker – they don’t relate to it at all, even more – the authorities do not see the difference between the sporting appearance of this game and the casino. In order to see this difference, you need to grasp the essence of the issue, and the authorities will not spend a minute on this.

You were one of the first in Ukraine who managed to first open a real on-line poker club and then organize the holding of poker tournaments at a professional level. How did you come up with this idea? This business idea is rather non-standard for the CIS.

– All that is new for the CIS, as a rule, has long been working in the west. No need to go far, everything is on the Internet. So in my case – I saw, I liked it and I sneaked into this industry.

How complex is the organization of a poker tournament? Where did you learn this?

– If you start playing tournaments, it’s not at all easy even for people with poker skills. And if you have been doing this for 8 years, as I do – you understand everything and you are rarely “surprised”.
So I worked at the casino pit boss when poker was shown to Ukraine, started working as a manager in the first club of the country, and so on …

What distinguishes your series of WSF Poker Tour tournaments from similar ones taking place in the CIS and Europe?

– There are enough differences – firstly, we have tournaments of a unique structure, we “invent” them ourselves, of course, then our colleagues “borrow them”, but by that time, we have new developments, and we don’t experience much … Secondly , mass character – practically there is no such tournament, where we would not have a wait list (queue), this is due to democratic contributions to the tournament at a price, therefore in our database there are already about 30 thousand telephone numbers. Thirdly, we try to go ahead of the rest not only in games, but also in services – so we already have online registration with payment of contributions on the site, as well as applications for smartphones are being prepared, which is a novelty not only for the CIS – there are no such services who in the world of poker series.

Who usually plays in your tournaments? Is there any average portrait of your player? After all, you have regular participants who even come from other cities and countries to participate in your series of tournaments.

– There is no portrait as such – the only similarity is always a good mood. Different people regularly visit us, both by age and occupation.

Come play in a poker tournament can a player of any level? Even a beginner? And does he have a chance to win?

– The only limitation is 18+. Chances are all without exception, but the professionals have more.

Many people think that participation in the tournament is very expensive. Is it so ?

– Of course not! We even have free tournaments in which you can win cash prizes and more. There are tournaments and 50 UAH and 10 000.

How does the situation with the attitude of the authorities to poker in Ukraine affect your activity?

– Affects disgusting – I can not publicly “turn around.” I really want to carry this sport to the masses, my one dream is to hold tournaments in the central squares of cities such as Kharkov, Lviv and Kiev, which is only worth it … And how much I could attract foreign tourists to my events would earn everything – and hotels, and the city, not to mention the small movements of money …

Many people support banning poker as a gamble – what can you say or advise them?

– I advise you to explore the question, that’s enough.

Do you play poker yourself? In their tournaments?

– Very rarely – unfortunately, there is simply no time for that.

What advice do you have for people who want to try their hand and luck in poker?

– Do not be afraid on the one hand, and on the other hand do not get far away right away – you need to learn at low limits, inexpensively.

What are your plans for the coming year in terms of poker development in Ukraine?

– Plans are grand, as always, the only question is when the authorities turn their attention to us.

  • You can learn more about the WSFPT poker series on the official website of the series